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  • Hi, lovely people Meet Claudia. She is beautiful. You know. You're a little bit biased

  • yeah, well, it's still true

  • Let's not talk about me too much. Should talk about me instead.

  • Yeah, you like talk about itself. That's good

  • When did you first become interested in me?

  • Oh, right!

  • I think that's a good question. Yeah, okay fair enough.

  • I saw some photos of you

  • Which I thought wow she's really really pretty. Outgoing kind of person. Vintage-y style. Nice hair

  • It's all about the hair

  • *singing* It's all about the hair, about the hair

  • um

  • Yeah, and I like your photos. She hit like. Like oh my God she likes my photos!

  • But I thought that you were way too cool for me because you had the whole like outdoorsy

  • vibe and the plat. And your hair was much longer; you had hair that was like down to

  • I'm not just showing you my boobs, your had hair that was really long is my point.

  • You look gorgeous and you looked a bit like Pocahontas

  • Yeah. You spent like three days drafting...

  • *talking over each other* Yeah, drafting out that perfect note. Perfect message. But obviously I beat her to it

  • I just sat down one evening after work. Quite chatty, it wasn't like quick short ones like I think you're hot

  • which you sometimes get it. How do you reply? Yeah, I don't know how to respond. Did you have any other

  • Communication? And I was so excited because I really fancied you. And you're like ah, thank God I don't have to draft this bloody thing anymore

  • I'd never sent a first message, but you were the one person that I was going to do it for

  • You still didn't actually get around to it, so good thing I did. I was like oh

  • So do you know any nice pubs that we could meet in but somewhere we can go after work and watch the sunset?

  • She said yeah, I know some pubs. She had to contact to all her friends Cause she doesn't frequent the pubs.

  • Cause I don't drink alcohol.

  • So I didn't know, but I googled

  • Sunset Pub Brighton and guess where we went! To the Setting Sun Pub which actually you know?

  • It's not just one of those weird names and it's actually some pub down in the middle of the Valley where never sees the light

  • Of day here. We actually did watch the sunset. It was quite romantic. Yeah

  • But before I got there, I was running late from work. I was like. I'm really sorry, I'm running late

  • I'm running a bit more late, running bit bit more right?

  • Which was quite typical for me, then she sent me a text saying well

  • I've got to go at nine o'clock because my housemate needs a key to get in.

  • So I was like, alright she's already given me an excuse

  • I've obviously blown it already from being late. And then I got there

  • Hot and sweaty because I had walked up this hill for the Setting Sun Pub.

  • Where I had been for an hour and a half sitting.

  • Sorry. And then I went in I let my hair down and I saw her sitting on the table

  • With her like little iPad she had a little earpiece in at the time

  • I didn't know Jessica's deaf, so I just thought to her place like you know businesswoman Bluetooth things which is kind of dated

  • But I maybe she's like really busy like media woman. Fashion. Yeah, and then I walked over like oh, hi, it's um. It's Jessica

  • Isn't it anyway I?

  • Remember I looked up

  • And I saw you and I felt the inside I knew you would change my life forever

  • And then we sat and we chatted yeah that we made like lots of chat

  • And then suddenly like the whole bar had shut and the woman was so I stuck it up the chairs on the tables around us

  • She was ready to leave. Oh shit? Yeah, it's like 10 to 11. What about your friends? Oh, yeah?

  • I hadn't actually checked my phone. Cause you're having such a fantastic first date with me

  • And then Jessica was like

  • Oh, you want to go for a little walk, and I was like yeah, sure let's for a little walk

  • I said you want to go for a walk up this road, I live at the top

  • No you didn't! You just said do you want to go for a walk, and I was like. Yeah, okay

  • So I thought it's gonna be like a little walk and maybe we'd have a kiss and then we're walking

  • Walking at this point further and further away from my house

  • Which is on the other side of the Valley and then it's like, "Oh, this is my house"

  • And I was like right, so I basically just walked you home like not realizing it

  • And then Jessica's like "Do you wanna come in and meet my dog." I was like okay

  • This is like maybe some strange lesbian euphemism I've not come across before 'cause I don't want to pet your dog right now

  • I mean, I do, but I don't think we should

  • You so wanted to pet my dog. I did but I mean like it, like your actual dog

  • What is your not actual dog!?

  • And I was just making up some weird like *laughs*

  • I do actually have a dog, I meant my dog, but she thought because I have been a lesbian my whole life

  • I thought she was really attractive and she lived in Brighton for seven years

  • no, so we sat outside her house for another hour and continued chatting and then I said let's go to dinner next week

  • 'Cause that's what you should do if you like someone you should ask for a second date before you finish the first date.

  • Yeah, which took me quite like double the time to get home because I was like twice as far away

  • But I didn't mind cuz I was filled like wow I had so much fun

  • It was a really nice day

  • And I really liked her, really feel excited about this one. And the minute I got inside my house. I texted everyone that I know

  • Everyone that I just had the most amazing date with this girl, think that she's the one and then the rest is history

  • Now we're getting married, so if you see a girl that you fancy she likes your photos

  • Then you should like them back and ask her to go on a date and also the moral of this story

  • Is that girls that you think are way too cool for you, are actually big dorks? [haha]. I am.

  • We are both *whispers* a little bit silly.

  • That's all folks

  • *Jessica's theme tune plays*

Hi, lovely people Meet Claudia. She is beautiful. You know. You're a little bit biased


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