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  • PTE Reading: Re-order paragraph

  • Re- order paragraph is one of the PTE reading tasks,

  • and it looks like this ...

  • You will see a paragraph that has been jumbled up.

  • Your task is to put the paragraph back together again

  • into the correct sentence sequence.

  • Tip 1: Find the independent sentence first

  • The first thing you need to do when you see the sentences

  • is ask yourself: Which of these sentences is independent?

  • Which one stands alone?

  • Which one doesn't refer back to any other sentence?

  • If you cannot find the first sentence, then you're in trouble.

  • Only if you find the independent sentence first

  • can you then sequence the rest of the sentences correctly.

  • Tip 2: Use grammar to help you sequence the paragraph

  • Scattered throughout the sentences are grammatical words

  • which refer back to other words.

  • For example words like: "this"

  • "these"

  • "that"

  • "those"

  • or articles like: "a"

  • "the"

  • These words will help you put the sentences back together.

  • Ultimately though, it's about meaning.

  • The paragraphs should flow from sentence to sentence

  • and make complete sense.

  • Practice

  • For lots of re-order paragraphs practice and methods that work

  • check out

PTE Reading: Re-order paragraph


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