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  • Welcome to The English We Speak.

    フェイフェイ:The English We Speakへようこそ。

  • It's Feifei here with Rob, and we're in a bit of a rush.


  • Yes yes, I've hurt my foot and we've got to get to hospital. Ouch!


  • Ooo, it looks nasty Roball red and swollen. It was a good job I was driving by when you hurt it.

    フェイフェイ:うーん、ひどそうね、ロブ。真っ赤に腫れ上がっている。あなたがケガした時に私が近くで 運転していてよかった。

  • Yes yes, thanks for the lift, Feifei. But it really is hurting, so could you step on it, please?

    ロブ:ほんと、ほんと。乗せてくれてありがとう、フェイフェイ。でもスゴク痛いから、「step on it : 踏む」んでくれますか? お願い!

  • What?


  • Step on it!


  • Oh, okay. If you say so.


  • Ow! That was painfulwhat did you do that for?

    ロブ:わぁ! それは痛いよ、何でこんなことしたの?

  • You said 'step on it' – I thought that was an odd request, but I did.


  • No, Feifei! I meant drive fasterthat's what 'step on it' means. It's what you say to someone to ask them to hurry.

    ロブ:違うよ、フェイフェイ!車をもっと速く走らせてと言ったんだ。それが「急いで」の意味。 誰かに急ぐようお願いする時に言う言葉だ。

  • That hurt so much.


  • Oops, sorry! Right, well, hold on tight, Rob. I will step on it while we hear some examples

    フェイフェイ:あらら、ごめんなさい! なるほど、じゃあしっかりつかまって、ロブ。いくつか例を聞いている間、アクセルを踏み込むから…。

  • Taxi! Could you take me to the station, please? And could you step on it? I'm late!

    タクシー! 駅まで行ってもらえますか? 急ぎでお願いできますか?遅刻してるので!

  • Our coach told us to step on it if we wanted to get to the match on time.


  • Please step on it, otherwise we're gonna miss the plane.


  • This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English. And we're finding out about the phrase 'step on it', which means 'go faster' or 'hurry up'.

    フェイフェイ:この番組はBBC Learning Englishがお送りするThe English We Speak。今「step on it」という言葉を 学習しているところです。その意味は、 もっと速く行く、あるいは急ぐです。

  • Well, we're nearly at the hospital, Rob.


  • Good good, because my foot hurts so much – I need urgent medical attention.


  • How exactly did you hurt it?


  • I was playing football and another player stepped on my big toe. It was so painful.


  • What! So you've got me to 'step on it' – and drive at high speedbecause someone stepped on your big toe?

    フェイフェイ:何ですって! なら、私を「急ぐ」ようにさせ、車を高速で運転させたのは、 誰かがあなたの足の親指を踏んだから? 

  • This isn't an emergency, Rob - you can get out and walk.


  • That's not very nice.


  • You had better step on it, Robthe casualty department shuts in five minutes. Bye.


  • Bye.


Welcome to The English We Speak.

フェイフェイ:The English We Speakへようこそ。

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A2 初級 日本語 ロブ フェイフェイ 急ぐ 踏ん 急い 痛い

【BBC日常英語】Step on it: 早く行く、急ぐ ( Step on it: The English We Speak)

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