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  • The Village Samurai's crack is clearly known to all;

  • I usually pack it around noon.

  • The Homo is briefly lit by the Moon's light...

  • The city gates clench, a penetrationallowed.

  • A little while ago, saw a Jizo;

  • Around those parts, became a homo.

  • During that Summer, and into the Fall,

  • the Monk really dugthat Jizo!

  • There is a lovely, special someone,

  • a lover for a man like me♂.

  • Art thou soothing thyself with thy hand?

  • Hey you Homo! Put it in my gate!

  • So thy evading ass has already returned?

  • Have my kunai: A taste of Igaflesh!

  • As the Moon shined briefly on us both....

  • "I thought thou wast more than an inch..."

  • Fellow sir, though thou really shouldn't kill thyself over it...

  • ...I'll now be going solo.

  • Though our love has just shortly come to an end -

  • - I will buy you two Jizo as insurance;

  • And I honestly think that thou wilt survive.

The Village Samurai's crack is clearly known to all;


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Gachimuchi Subtitles 薔薇の僧侶と驚くべき消耗 (Gachimuchi Subtitles The Rose Monk and the Amazing Consummation)

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