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  • People on bikes are not just obstacles to be avoided, they are flesh-and-blood, mums

  • and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughtersand they need motorists to give them space

  • Cyclists don't ride in a perfectly straight line they make small adjustments

  • in order to stay upright, from side to side all of the timeit's a space known as

  • the "dynamic envelope" – think of that dynamic envelope as an exclusion zone around the

  • cyclist, an area that you must not enter. The amount of space you need to give

  • cyclists is more than you might think. That dynamic envelope often needs

  • to be stretched for instance when cyclists need to avoid imperfections in

  • the road surface like thishazards to the cyclist that the motorist might not even

  • be able to see.

  • Giving cyclists plenty of room isn't just common courtesy, it's in the

  • Highway Code. Here's master driving instructor Blaine Walsh to explain more.

  • Overtaking is one of the riskiest things you can do as a driver. It is critical to

  • get it right, for your safety and the safety of other road users. Sadly, you don't have

  • to

  • search YouTube very hard to find some incredibly dangerous and close overtaking

  • of cyclists. Clearly, these drivers are not aware of what the Highway Code says

  • about the space they are required to give cyclists. Here's

  • what it says about overtaking vulnerable road users. Rule 163 says "give cyclists at least

  • as much space as you ...

  • would a car."

  • Let's see what this looks like in the real world.

  • I can see there's a group of cyclists.

  • I'm not going to overtake them here cos I can't see anything that's ahead.

  • Now I can see it is safe to pass here so I will indicate. Remember, I have got to give

  • cyclists

  • much as I'd give a car that means getting right across to that other carriageway.

  • There, job done. I'm safe, they're safe.

  • And what works for overtaking groups, works for overtaking us.

People on bikes are not just obstacles to be avoided, they are flesh-and-blood, mums


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