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  • Facebook's shares have dropped about 20% today with the slide starting yesterday evening

  • and extending into the morning trading.

  • Now, for a company of that size,

  • that equates to roughly $123 billion of market value evaporating in just one day.

  • That's the biggest one-day loss of any US company in history.

  • It is roughly the same as the value of all of McDonald's or even greater than Goldman Sachs, Nike, or General Electric.

  • Now, what caused this huge slide?

  • Well, Facebook reported disappointing earnings on Wednesday evening.

  • Facebook has had a good run for a long time,

  • and its shares actually hit a record leading up to the earnings.

  • But on the call and in the numbers,

  • Facebook revealed that its user growth numbers are slowing in every major region.

  • And its revenue per user is also slowing.

  • Now, it's important to remember that Facebook is still a very profitable company.

  • It still has margins that would be the envy of almost every other company in the world.

  • But when people had been projecting that this growth rate would continue almost indefinitely,

  • this came as a very nasty surprise to investors.

  • And that's why they panicked yesterday evening

  • and pushed the shares out dramatically,

  • and it's extended into the morning.

  • Analysts and investors say that this is partially a reflection of just how extended Facebook's shares had become leading into the earnings.

  • And they stress that actually Facebook is still a company that is growing at a healthy clip.

  • And this is a healthy correction for a company.

  • However, this is clearly a reminder that Facebook is still under pressure on many fronts.

  • Its user growth is slowing.

  • It's facing more regulatory scrutiny after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that erupted in early March.

  • Until those clouds dissipate,

  • investors are going to be very wary of dipping back into the social media giant's stocks.

Facebook's shares have dropped about 20% today with the slide starting yesterday evening


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