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  • Hi guys welcome back to my channel!

  • This is Trang and today I wanna share with you some tips

  • that you can use to develop a longer and better answer

  • in part 3 of the IELTS speaking test

  • This video is kind of a follow up with my previous videos

  • because I'm gonna use example questions from those topics

  • so if you're ready, let's get started!

  • I'll take the following question as my example:

  • for this kind of question of course you can not just answer

  • "yes, it is" or "no, it's not"

  • they are too short!

  • So tip #1: you should add reasons to support your opinion

  • it's a little better right?

  • tip #2: use examples to expand your answers

  • for example:

  • tip #3: talk about possibilities

  • it is something that you're not sure about

  • and here are some useful words and phrases that you can use:

  • tip #4: discuss the other side of the argument

  • for example:

  • please note that you don't have to use all 4 tips in every answers

  • you can just do the combination of 1-2 tips

  • as long as you feel comfortable

  • and that's the most important thing.

  • tip #5: if you don't know what to say, make something up

  • for example

  • you know I had no idea whether that is true or not

  • but guess what?

  • it doesn't matter!

  • remember "your opinions" aren't important, but "how you respond" is

  • here is the last tip for you guys

  • use filler phrases to give yourself some more time

  • they will be very useful

  • but it doesn't mean you can use them after every single sentence though

  • you should save them up for the ones that are more difficult, ok?

  • some of you might think

  • what if I don't have any ideas

  • can't give any examples

  • or can't make anything up

  • what should I do? what should I say?

  • so in this case even though you can't come up with any ideas

  • give the examiner a reason

  • then you should still try to give some thoughts about the question

  • and try to use tip #3: talk about possibilities

  • for example

  • worst case scenario, you could ask the examiner

  • if you could change another question

  • because hesitation is not very good for your speaking score

  • and again use the filler expression I just mentioned earlier

  • to avoid any long silences

  • now let's jump into some example answer for the topic:

  • last but not least

  • it's time for an awesome quote about time punctuality

  • that's all for today

  • I hope you guys find this helpful

  • you guys can try to practice answering the questions

  • in the comment down below

  • I will see you next time. bye!

Hi guys welcome back to my channel!


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IELTS Speaking 3 | How to expand your answer

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