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  • Attention is about who?

  • Attention.

  • Which young lady would that be about?

  • Well my heart's racing right now.

  • My-- this is where you realize that I'm not going to say it

  • and I'm freaking out right now because--

  • Yeah.

  • You're not going to say it, but it's somebody.

  • It is somebody.

  • Does she know who it is?

  • Does this young lady know that the song is about her?

  • I think somebody who thinks it might be written about them,

  • they're sadly mistaken.

  • It's not written about them.

  • It's actually-- sorry.

  • It's not about the person who--

  • how do you know they think it's about them?

  • I'm sweating right now.

Attention is about who?


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Charlie Puth Plays Coy About the Subject of His 'Attention'

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