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  • So LG has a new smartphone: the LG G7 ThinQ...or the LG G7 Think or something like that.

  • This is the Raspberry Rose version which actually looks pretty unique.

  • It has a softer, more elegant tone to it.

  • Definitely not the in-your-face red brilliance of the OnePlus 6, but still subtly impressive.

  • My mom's been using the LG G6 for the last year and I could totally see her rocking a

  • color like this.

  • We aren't here to ogle though.

  • Let's get started.

  • [Intro]

  • Right off the bat I get a warning from the phone telling me not to remove the battery,

  • like that's even an option.

  • The phone is sealed shut and ip68, so it's not like a battery removal is going to happen

  • on accident.

  • I guess the phone just knows who's holding it.

  • Don't worry little guy, we won't dissect you...yet.

  • That's the next video.

  • LG is using Gorilla Glass 5 on their G7 Q. Corning Gorilla Glass is on every major smartphone

  • these days, which is fine with me.

  • It's consistent and as shatter resistant as glass can be.

  • It still scratches at a level 6 which we've come to expect, with the deeper grooves at

  • a level 7.

  • LG has given us a notch this year, which personally, I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

  • It is what it is.

  • The sensors and front 8 megapixel camera are all covered by that same Gorilla Glass 5.

  • Our earpiece is made from metal and very securely attached to the phone.

  • It sits totally flush with the glass surface.

  • No buttons down at the bottom of the phone, but we do have an extra button on the side.

  • The sides are made from metal, as well as the upper volume button and the lower volume

  • button...both metal.

  • Our newest friend down here is a dedicated Google Assistant button.

  • Kind of cool.

  • I personally would still prefer a mute slider or the ability to change the function of the

  • button if I wanted.

  • I'd probably use a dedicated camera button more often than I would a voice assistant.

  • It's still better than a permanent Bixby though, so I'm not complaining too much.

  • At the bottom of the phone we have our headphone jack, which is awesome for functionality.

  • Thumbs up for that.

  • And a USB-C port.

  • Over on the far side of the G7 it's pretty empty except for a lone power button, which

  • is indeed an actual clicky button and not just decoration like HTC has been using.

  • And finally, up here at the top of the phone we have a little microphone hole and our dual

  • SIM card tray, which includes an SD card slot as well.

  • Nice work.

  • Moving around to the backside of the phone.

  • The G7 ThinQ branding is permanent and under the glass, so it won't be coming off.

  • To be honest, this is really an amazing looking phone.

  • Mom, if you want an unscratched G7 upgrade, I'm sure we can work out some kind of homemade

  • chocolate chip cookie exchange program.

  • She watches all my videos.

  • The lazer auto focus and flash are protected under that glass.

  • No issues there.

  • The 16 megapixel main camera lens is also protected with glass, as well as the wide-angle

  • camera lens right below it.

  • It's nice having 2 cameras that accomplish different things.

  • There is a little metal lip around the camera lens and it all sits relatively flush with

  • the back panel.

  • The fingerprint scanner is slightly recessed and can be damaged.

  • I kind of like to see how much abuse phones can handle so we get an idea of what they

  • can realistically survive in real life.

  • And luckily, even with this damage, the LG G7 fingerprint scanner still functions perfectly.

  • No complaints.

  • The back panel is still made from glass harder than my razor blade...which makes Art Class

  • with Jerry impossible, but the burn test is still an option.

  • LG used a 1440p 6.1 inch IPS LCD, this time lasting about 7 seconds under the flame, which

  • isn't as long as most, but still longer than some.

  • If you look closely, you can see me grasping at reasons for this test, but the screen still

  • recovers...minus the evaporated oleophobic coating of course.

  • Structure and build quality are important if you want your phone to last a while.

  • With how expensive each phone is these days, you don't want to buy a fragile one.

  • The bend test shows us how well the phone is constructed, and with this LG G7, there's

  • hardly any flex from the front or the back of the phone.

  • Plus the back panel is still secured with that water resistance intactnothing is

  • separating.

  • It has an impressive build, with that headphone jack, Google Assistant, and unflexing structure,

  • I can't reallyThinQof anything to complain about.

  • See what I did there?

  • Yeah, I'm pretty hilarious.

  • Come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram.

  • And thanks a ton for watching.

  • I'll see you around.

So LG has a new smartphone: the LG G7 ThinQ...or the LG G7 Think or something like that.


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