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  • We can't do this show without great people

  • behind the scenes.

  • Stage hands, production crews, and of course our own,

  • Conan Pages.

  • Let's give them a hand.

  • (applause)

  • The Conan pages.

  • Yeah, they're great!

  • They work hard behind the scenes.

  • I think they're doing a great job,

  • don't you, Andy?

  • Well

  • I like pages one through five, but I'm not sure about

  • page six.

  • You know the one that looks like Ellie Kemper?

  • Oh yeah!

  • (applause)

  • Yeah, okay great, yeah.

  • But I mean it.

  • I do not trust page six.

  • What portly LA visitor was seen drinking up a storm

  • at Bacio's last night?

  • No names, but our sources say he passed out under

  • a urinal "Andy" couldn't be revived.

  • (laughter)

  • Shut up, page six.

  • Take it easy Andy.

  • Weren't you at Bacio's last night?

  • Yeah, a lot of people were at Bacio's last night.

  • Can we just fire her, please?

  • Hold on Andy.

  • What else ya got page six?

  • Plenty Conan!

  • Tongues are still wagging after a certain

  • hefty TV B lister yelled at a coat check attendant

  • at the Samba Room last night.

  • Oh come on!

  • When she couldn't make change for his $100 bill,

  • the snippy sidekick through a five star fit.

  • (baby crying)

  • (laughter)

  • Look.

  • No.

  • That is not what happened.

  • Conan, this woman is bad news.

  • Look, Andy, I know she appeals to our lowest

  • instincts, but I just can't get enough, ya know?

  • Anything else, page six?

  • Which Boston born, carrot topped quipster,

  • paid $90,000 in black mail to stop the release

  • of his sex tape?

  • Alright!

  • I think we're done.

  • We're good.

  • The hour long video shows the freckled funny man in

  • 10 filthy sex positions, and he's all by himself!

  • Alright!

  • (applause)

  • No. No.

  • That was pretty good.

  • Get out of here page, who looks like Ellie Kemper.

  • Bye everyone!

  • (applause)

We can't do this show without great people


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