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  • Most people think this fruit smells terrible.

  • It's been described using words like rotting onions or raw sewage.

  • Not this guy, though.

  • It's a very good smell to me.

  • (lively music)

  • My name is Chang Teik Seng.

  • They call me Durian Seng.

  • I'm a farmer.

  • Until now, nearly thirty years selling durian, that's why they call me Durian Seng.

  • If you're not that familiar with durian, It has a spiky rind and the inside, is a yellow, soft colored creamy fruit.

  • It's native to Southeast Asia and because of its odor, is actually banned from many public places.

  • Durian is forbidden in airport, in hotel.

  • Some places they put a sign that says that no durians allowed.

  • The smell you can't hide.

  • My record is about 100 feet.

  • I can smell durian.

  • Besides having a distinctive smell, durian also has a distinctive taste.

  • It's like a peanut caramel.

  • They have five flavors:

  • sweet flavor,

  • alcohol flavor,

  • bitter flavor,

  • flower flavor,

  • and numb taste, total of five flavors.

  • Numb taste literally means your mouth will go numb.

  • Wow, I can feel the numbness.

  • Freshly dropped durian, the flavor is so good.

  • Even the bees come to the durian.

  • This might well be my new favorite fruit.

  • People in general, are divided on this fruit.

  • Those who love it, love it.

  • The durian is so tasty.

  • It's really good.

  • Tastes much better than it smells.

  • If you really like durian there can be like some people may look like crazy.

  • Like breakfast, lunch and dinner, three meals are all durian.

  • They can eat five, seven fruits per day.

  • And there are others who just can't get past the smell.

  • It smells like old cheese.

  • For Durian Seng, it is the perfect fruit.

  • Either you like it or you hate it.

  • Some people they don't give a chance to taste.

  • But you have to try once in your lifetime.

Most people think this fruit smells terrible.

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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フルーツの王様ドリアン:すごく臭いけどすごく甘い? (Durian Fruit: A Smell So Rotten, a Taste So Sweet)

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