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  • Quite a long time ago

  • A human fell below

  • Climbing the mountain peak

  • But was soon found by me

  • And so I took care of them

  • No longer lonely then

  • A solemn prince no longer

  • Now promoted to brother

  • Nothing could tear us apart

  • Vows made by crossing hearts

  • Our world was full of hope

  • For this new miracle

  • But then came that dark day

  • When you were taken away

  • You really left a mark

  • Because my world went dark

  • And so us two became one

  • How I regret what I'd done

  • And how I wish that I knew

  • How to see straight through you

  • You dragged us straight back home

  • To kill all those you know

  • But with your DETERMINATION

  • You wished extermination

  • [excuse me while i go cry for a bit because these lyrics are too wonderfully angsty]

  • But with my own willpower

  • I held back our true power

  • As humans wished our deaths

  • I smiled with no regrets

  • So on that day we died

  • Oh how our mother cried

  • But then our father [im sorry i cant speak american]

  • swore

  • A brutal bloody war

  • Returning I was soulless

  • Chances to feel were hopeless

  • Bitter to my bare core [i really cant do this]

  • Wishing to reset all

  • But then a while ago

  • A human fell below

  • Climbing the mountain peak

  • And stumbled upon me

  • Hateful and full of spite

  • I wanted you to die

  • But I had warned you still

  • It's either "KILL OR BE KILLED"

  • And after all I did

  • You saved me from darkness

  • Although I made you suffer

  • You forgave me regardless

  • Now I must say goodbye

  • Although it hurts inside

  • Thank you frisk forever more

  • The friend that I wished for

  • [flowey why??]

Quite a long time ago


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Undertale - 彼のテーマ (Undertale - His Theme)

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