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  • This is John Cheung, my family and I moved to U.K. in 2008 as part of the Lord's move to Europe.

  • We came from Wellington, New Zealand, and migrated to Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

  • We knew that we always wanted to, one day we will serve the Lord, drop our jobs and serve the Lord full-time.

  • There was a real burden and fellowship, a lot of fellowship, concerning 12 cities in U.K.

  • We moved to Cardiff as part of the migration to 12 cities across the United Kingdom.

  • I've always been in a big church life with you know. So this is the first time we migrated to a virgin land with no church life.

  • With two families we are very small and we were very desperate

  • so what we're encouraged to do is to cluster with other churches in the nearby localities.

  • Before we started the work here, we felt we were very desperate

  • for survival, for the matter of survival.

  • So we two families, basically we prayed, we fellowshipped,

  • and coordinated together, burden for the increase.

  • So we spent a lot of time for just getting to know one another, pursuit the truth together and tried to care for one another.

  • We came here with another family and there were no saints here, no church life here, but within few weeks we started Fresher's Fair.

  • Right away, our house was filled with people.

  • We thought maybe one or two students would come, but actually 12 students came.

  • So we're there about one week in Cardiff and we got 12 students sitting in our, actually it was Brother John and Gloria's home.

  • And at first we just opened Friday night for home meeting, and then 2 weeks later

  • we just had to open a second night for home meeting.

  • My name is Ben and I'm a student at Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom.

  • I met the saints on Fresher's Week at the table and they were giving out gospel tracts and

  • I was very open to the ministry. And so I was able to jump right into the church life.

  • I think the Lord is just so sovereign, so loving, that He would send two families

  • to Cardiff and He sent myself to Cardiff so that we can labor together

  • in the Lord and contact other students.

  • And when we started to speak the truth to them, they just uh, you could of heard a pin drop.

  • They're just listening to every word; they just loved it.

  • These students they're not that interested in board games,

  • instead they were interested in singing, releasing of the spirit, touching the spirit, and enjoy the Lord.

  • We said to these students that you could be filled in spirit by speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.

  • So we began showing them how to speak the hymns.

  • They started speaking to one another and immediately as they spoke the hymns to one another, they just got touched by the Lord.

  • And that night after the meeting as they walked home, they told us, they said, "I feel like my battery got recharged!"

  • So they were really touched by the Spirit just by speaking the hymns.

  • This year, the past Welcome Dinner, same thing.

  • This time actually we added another thing; we told them you need to say, "Amen".

  • So in the room we had 18 new ones including 12 unbelievers.

  • And at the beginning we encouraged them, you can speak "Amen", means "Yes', and also you can speak the hymns.

  • So as soon as those new ones opened up their mouths and said "Amen" and started speaking the hymns, they were just totally carried away.

  • The whole meeting was just like a church meeting, you cannot tell, it was full of new ones.

  • They just started saying "Amen" and speaking the hymns.

  • That night we felt the Lord was with us, the Lord was present with us, and it was so strong.

  • 12 received the Lord. Actually all of them received the Lord, all the unbelievers.

  • Then after the meeting, Ben, well we also told them that you can be baptized now.

  • So after the meeting, Ben went around asking them,

  • "Did you receive the Lord?" When they said "Yes", "So you can be baptized now."

  • So 6 of them, they were just ready and lined up and went upstairs to the bathroom and we baptized them.

  • We were experimenting how to preach the gospel in the town center, which is like downtown in the U.S.

  • And the town center there, we felt maybe we could do some singing,

  • because in Wales, there's a strong culture of singing, and that kind of thing.

  • And especially in the Welsh Revival, it was started with one gentleman named Evan Roberts with 4 or 5 other girls.

  • They went around, traveling around the country and sang. So we decided maybe we could try that.

  • And we found that it changed the whole atmosphere

  • because in the past if you pass out a gospel tract, most of the people would reject you or ignore you.

  • But when you sing, it kind of creates a very attracting atmosphere

  • and people would just stop, listen, smile, and receive something from you.

  • Of course this is not always the case but most of the people become a little bit more warm, more open.

  • So it was a very good exercise for us to go sing.

  • We heard about the Welsh Revival, hundreds of thousands got saved, and they received the Lord, but where are they today?

  • Just back because there is no church life, no containers,

  • so even though there was a revival, they received the Lord, there's no way they could practice the church life.

  • So having a home here, open your house, then the students and the new ones can come and meet.

  • Tuesday we have a prayer meeting in the evening.

  • And then on Thursday I have the meeting with local students. And then on Friday we have home meeting, Lord's Day meeting,

  • but throughout the week, almost daily we'll have meetings on campus.

  • We felt a real burden to contact local people and have bible studies with them.

  • And so we've had a few occasions,

  • well, every Thursday night we have a bible study with some local students in one of the brothers' residences at the uni (university).

  • So that's been a real encouragement, we're gaining, slowly, bit by bit, some more local people.

  • The Lord has been blessing us. Even though it's small, our labor is small. It's not a big work; it's a small work.

  • We're realizing that it's a lampstand, not a light tower, just like Brother Lee said.

  • It's a small work and the quality is more important than quantity.

  • We're very happy that we can participate in this move and we pray that many more families

  • would pick up the burden to move like GTCA to other cities and even look further to Europe.

This is John Cheung, my family and I moved to U.K. in 2008 as part of the Lord's move to Europe.


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