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  • one man with one qin in one city

  • scared an army of 10 thousands away

  • he is a genius at battle

  • the head of Ma Su

  • is the determination of fighting all the way to the North

  • we will lose peace for a decade

  • this horse is a vigorous opponent of Great Han

  • Si Ma and Zhu Ge are rivals

  • they know each other very well

  • who can be better than those two

  • if Si Ma Yi controls the army

  • he is stronger than ever

  • we are supporting and distracting him at the same time

  • I'm observing him

  • I recognize myself if I see him clearly

  • I traded my life with the chance of fighting him

  • we just know each other

  • we have three troops as chess pieces

  • the ground as chessboard

  • shall we have a game of chess?

  • after this

  • the world will be changed

  • why don't you play

  • I can't beat you

  • you have the wisdom of God

  • the world stands in awe of you

  • I have no choice but avoid you

  • you lost without a fight

  • commander Si Ma Yi, take the order

  • Zhu Ge Liang is wating for you fight without preparation

  • my order has arrived

  • he also might has received his order

  • victory is within our grasp

  • if we retreat now

  • we will never have a chance like this

  • if he give up his reputation for victory

  • that depends on who dare to resist the order

  • minister

  • we may disobey the emperor's order in some cases

  • Zhu Ge Liang as the commander

  • nobody beats him

  • his weakness is right besides him

  • if he controls the emperor to make order

  • I won't dare to bet with him

  • we don't want to give up this great chance

  • minister, we don't want to retreat

  • what if he insists not retreating?

  • you either win or lose in a bet

  • I won't regret

  • you don't have enough food

  • Zhu Ge Jing just lost, you lost the advantage

  • now you only have one choice is to endure

  • be careful

  • you are going to ruin yourself

  • the old king entrust Liang

  • Liang won't relax

  • no rest until I recover Zhong Yuan

  • compare to you

  • the only advantage I have is that

  • I don't have obsessiveness like you do

  • why do you want to recover a doomed dynasty

  • just because a promiss?

  • what I want to recover is not only the title

  • but also the government and the public are well-connected

  • a peaceful and thriving world

  • Work hard until you die

  • this is what he insist of

  • There is no such genius like him in the world

  • Zhong Da

  • maybe

  • there is an end you can give

  • I hope you can see

  • a time of national peace and order we expected

  • dad

  • the water is crystal clean

  • like your life

  • you and me are rivals for 6 years

  • but we are also best friends

  • Kong Ming, allow me to call you

  • master

one man with one qin in one city


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