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  • Hey guys! It's JR right here. Today I wanna talk to you about 5 ways or should I put it to 5 attitudes to help you to get out of your all-time lows.

    やあ みんな!JRです。今日は5つの方法というか5つの態度について話したいと思います。

  • And tell me about it, I've been through a lot of those. Anyways, no time to waste. Let's get to it.


  • #1 If you become over-concerned about the environment, then you won't be about to do what you've got to do. Take action boldly!

    #1 環境を気にしすぎてしまうと、やるべきことをやろうとしなくなる。思い切って行動してみましょう。

  • Florence Chadwick, remember this name, she was the first woman to swim across the Catalina Channel.

    フローレンス・チャドウィック この名前を覚えているか 彼女はカタリナ海峡を泳いで渡った 最初の女性だ

  • However, just two months before her success in August, 1950, she is actually failed at the very same attempt.


  • 14 hours into the water, she was exhausted, she was cold, she was worried about the sharks. And to make things worse, the fog was so thick that she couldn't see and she decided to give in.

    海に入って14時間、彼女は疲れ果て、寒さを感じ、サメを心配していた。さらに悪いことに 霧が濃くて見えず 彼女は屈服することにしました

  • The moment she threw in the towel and got out of the water, she realized she was just (less than) a mile away from the shore.


  • Two months later, she tried a second time. This time things were quite the same. The odds were still against her.


  • She got in the water, nailed it, and even broke a record.


  • In a post-interview she said, "This time while [she] was swimming [she] constantly kept the image of the shoreline within her head."


  • When we get too concerned about the external factors that are playing in the game, we tend to lose focus on the target itself. We lose our concentration on the things we should be doing in the present to keep us advancing.


  • So to break free from that, as long as you're going in the right direction, as long as you know you're doing the right thing, sometimes it's just necessary to close your eyes, cover your ears, and keep your mind on the game.


  • When this was a 10,000-subscribers channel, reality was we were getting 20 subs a day, 600 a month.


  • I can't even image going back to those days. Things were seemingly going nowhere.


  • People on the internet, people I knew in person were telling me, “Hey JR, what you're doing is good. It's good intention but there is just not a market for inspirational content on YouTube.”

    インターネット上の人々や、私が直接知っている人々は、私に言っていた "ねえ、JR、あなたがやっていることは良いことだ。それは善意だが、YouTubeにはインスピレーションを与えるコンテンツの市場がない。"

  • Today, I would argue that that's partially true if you do compare it to other thriving content on the platform. Inspirational content is a niche, it's not as big.


  • In the process, I admit there were times that I felt shaken. But whenever that happened, I would always come back to my starting line and search for my original motives, and that was to influence people. No matter if it was 100 or 1000 people, I wanted to bring a good impact.


  • And actually, if you think about it, 100 or 1000 people willing to listen to you is actually quite a big deal.


  • So whenever things got tough, I would always go back to ground zero and tell myself, “You know what? Today we're gonna meet another 20 people and make a difference in their lives.”

    困難に直面した時はいつもゼロ地点に戻って自分に言い聞かせていました。"今日も20人の人に会って、彼らの人生を変えるんだ "と。

  • And it's that mindset that kept us going till now. So don't get caught up in the environment. If you're keen and sure about your goals, just go out there and get them!


  • #2 The heart is weak, even the lightest breeze can shake it. So firmly grab your thoughts.

    #2 心は弱く、微風でも揺らぐ。だから、しっかりと思いを掴め。

  • We've all had bad days when we're caught up in shitty things. Excuse my language. Bad things.


  • Could have been a bad conversation, bad blood, an accident, the weather, and you just can't help yourself from thinking about it. It's like going aroundin your head.


  • Take myself for example, I have a passion for helping people and I really don't mind if I get much in return. I do it because I love it. I do it because I care.


  • But there are times that it can really drain me out when people are unfriendly or even hostile.


  • And I start wondering why? Have I done something wrong? Was it something that I could have done even better?


  • And these self-interrogating questions just keep on popping up in your head and it just ruins your day. It's like a mind black hole that keeps sucking in all your good thoughts.

    自己問責的な質問が 頭の中で飛び出してきて 一日を台無しにしてしまう心のブラックホールのように あなたの良い考えを吸い込んでしまうのです

  • So this is when you need to grab your thoughts tight. Don't let them get sucked into the black hole. You gotta hold on to them.


  • And there are so many ways that you can do that but just to name one today that I would really like to share with you. Talk to yourself.


  • Remember that little girl who made a motivation speech in front the mirror several years ago?


  • [Now. My whole house is great. I can do anything good. I like my school. I like anything. I like my dad. I like my cousins. I like my whole house. My whole house is great. I can do anything good.]


  • I just love her. Like life is really good from her perspective.


  • Try this today. Self-Talk. Reason with yourself. Motivate yourself. Be your own personal motivational coach.


  • Have I done something wrong? If then, how can I correct it? Was it something I didn't do enough? If not, then maybe it's not my fault.


  • Maybe I should stop punishing myself for that. Maybe I should direct my thoughts onto more constructive or productive things in life.

    自分を罰するのは やめようかな自分の考えをもっと建設的で生産的なことに向けるべきなのかもしれません。

  • I'm a good person. My intentions are well. I might not be in the best condition right now but I do know when God shuts a door, He'll definitely open another window.


  • It's an intentional diversion to drive your attention from the things that are draining you out to the things that are really worth your attention by simply talking to yourself.


  • This is just my example. You can apply it to your situation. Just remember. Don't let your head just go with the flow, you gotta grab on to it.


  • #3 Wise people wait and prepare themselves when times are bad, and act when times are good.

    #3 賢い人は、悪い時には待って準備をし、良い時には行動する。

  • This is a very easy-to-understand concept. It's also been a very strong philosophy in my life, and in fact, I had the chance to practice this through a veryrough time in my life.

    これはとてもわかりやすい考え方です。これは私の人生においても非常に強い哲学であり 実際に私は人生の中で非常に...荒れた時期を経てこれを実践する機会がありました。

  • I actually made that into a video. I'm gonna put the link up here. You can check it out.


  • When it rains, you hide under a roof. When it snows, you seek shelter indoors. You hide, but you don't let time just fly by.


  • When you can't make a big leap ahead, you prepare yourself for it cos' sooner or later the rain will stop, the snow will melt away.


  • And those who have prepared themselves at the meantime will come out stronger and more capably built.


  • So if you're at a low point in life right now, don't get skittish, keep your composure. And try to plot out the things that you can do right now in order to get a good head start when things start looking up.


  • And that leads to #4 You get trained, learn and realize the most in hard times.

    そして、それは#4につながります あなたは訓練を受け、学び、困難な時代に最も多くのことを実現しています。

  • If there's something I've learned from sophisticated stock market investors, it's definitely how they take advantage of both the bear and bull market.


  • Frankly speaking, there's just so many things that you can learn in life and probably only learn in life when you're in the dumps.


  • Metaphorically speaking, during the ebb tide, when the water is gone, you can see the land much clearer.


  • Likewise, during your low tides you get to see things clearer too including yourself, your surroundings, the people you hang out with, and so on.


  • Things are more or less sugar-coated when you're in your hours of glory. On the contrary, when you're in your dark hours, things are much more realistic.


  • You get to see the essence of things when there's nothing there to cover it.


  • The hardships you're undergoing, they will make you stronger and more sophisticated. Those are the moments that'll help you learn and help you build yourself up the most.


  • So make the best out of your underdog days 'cos one thing for sure, those opportunities are just temporary and they will not last for long.


  • #5 How bad you stumble and fall down is not the issue. The issue is how fast you get up.


  • Sounds like cliché, but it's cliché for a reason 'cos it's absolutely true.


  • Winston Churchill was politically isolated for years before he became prime minister and led to victory of WW2.


  • Steve Jobs launched several failed products and was kicked out of his own company before he came back and swept the world off its feet with the iPod and iPhone.


  • Heather Dorniden, a college athlete, she fell flat on the floor with only one lap to go during a 600-meter race. She bounced right back up and won the race back in the end.


  • We try, we fall. If you're not failing, that probably means you're not trying hard enough.


  • You might be in a terrible condition right now but as long as you get up, and you get up quickly, you can still put yourself back in the game.


  • It doesn't matter how hard you fall, we all stumble and hit the floor once in a while, the issue is how fast you get up.


  • And these are the 5 attitudes I wanna share with you today to help you get out of your current dilemmas.


  • I wish you the best! Never give up! Never compromise! And peace!


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Hey guys! It's JR right here. Today I wanna talk to you about 5 ways or should I put it to 5 attitudes to help you to get out of your all-time lows.

やあ みんな!JRです。今日は5つの方法というか5つの態度について話したいと思います。


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