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  • Last year, I got a chance to watch the new "Star Wars" movie,

    翻訳: Yasushi Aoki 校正: Maki Sugimoto

  • which was fantastic,

    去年 映画『スターウォーズ』の 新編を見まして

  • but one thing kept bugging me.


  • I don't know if you noticed this or not.

    一点引っかかることが ありました

  • In this entirely technically advanced world,

    皆さん気付いたか 分かりませんけど

  • I did not see a single AED anywhere,

    あの技術の発達した世界の どこにも

  • which was totally shocking --


  • almost as shocking as not knowing what an AED is,


  • which you guys do know.

    AEDを知らないのと同じくらい ショックなことです

  • But for those at home,


  • an AED is an automated external defibrillator.


  • It's the device you use when your heart goes into cardiac arrest


  • to shock it back into a normal rhythm,

    心停止状態になったとき ショックを与えて

  • or, as one of the guys I was teaching a class to referred to it as:

    心臓のリズムを 正常に戻す装置です

  • "The shocky-hearty-box thing."

    私の受講者の1人の 言い方をするなら

  • (Laughter)


  • But I really can't blame the Empire,


  • since health and safety regulations


  • aren't really their first order of business.


  • Though, even if we --

    帝国の最優先事項では ありませんから

  • I think worse than not having an AED would be if there was one there,

    それでもAEDがないのより悪いのが 何かと言うと

  • but just, no one knew where to find it.

    AEDはあるのに それがどこにあるのか 誰も知らないという場合です

  • These devices can drastically increase your chance of survival --

    [現在地 (この穴は無視して) AEDはどこ?]

  • almost like a tauntaun on Hoth.

    この装置は生存の可能性を 劇的に上げることができるというのに

  • (Laughter)

    そりゃもう ホス星の トーントーン並みです

  • But I'm pretty sure that stormtrooper is going to be toast,


  • regardless if we have an AED or not,

    もっとも ストームトルーパーの場合は

  • since what happens is the chest plate is going to be quite hard to get off,

    AEDがあろうとなかろうと 厳しいかもしれません

  • and like that tauntaun,

    あの胸当ては取り外しが やっかいそうですが

  • the AED has a very short window of time at which it's highly effective.


  • In this case -- basically, we've got to use it within the first 10 minutes.

    高い効果の期待できる時間が ごく限られているからです

  • The Jedi, on the other hand, have no problems with their outfits.

    AEDでは最初の10分が勝負 といったところです

  • Those robes open straight up,

    一方でジェダイなら 着衣の問題はありません

  • you can place the pads right onto the chest --


  • so upper-right-hand side of the chest,


  • lower left,


  • wait for the unit to determine if it's a shockable rhythm


  • and get ready to shock.

    AEDが有効か 装置が判定するのを待ち

  • But, the Jedi do have a problem.


  • They have a head appendage issue.


  • And so I can be totally clear, thinking I'm ready to go,


  • but I'm accidentally touching a tentacle

    体から離れているので 準備よしと思っても

  • and inadvertently shocking myself.

    たまたま触手に 触れていようものなら

  • (Laughter)

    自分も電気ショックを 受けることになります

  • So before you hit that button, make sure you are clear


  • and everyone else is clear.


  • Going back to that stormtrooper:

    自分も他の人も 離れていることを 必ず確認してください

  • If I did get that chest plate off in time,


  • what would you do if you suddenly found there was a Wookiee under there,

    あの胸当てを外すのが 間に合ったとしても

  • or possibly two Ewoks?

    中身がウーキーだったら どうするのか?

  • (Laughter)

    あるいは肩車した イウォークだったら?

  • Well, lucky for us,


  • in the kit there's actually a razor,


  • and we can use that to shave the chest on the upper right-hand side


  • and the lower left.


  • Wookiees also have another problem.


  • They have an accessory issue.

    ウーキーには 別の問題もあります

  • What we want to do is remove these --


  • anything between the two pads we want to remove,

    何であれ2つのパッドの 間にあるものは

  • since it can cause something called "arcing."


  • For those who don't know what arcing is,

    「アーク放電」と呼ばれるものを 生じる危険があるからです

  • do you remember the Emperor,

    アーク放電が何か 分からなければ

  • when he shoots electricity out the ends of his fingers --

    皇帝が指先から 電気を放つ場面を

  • (Laughter)


  • that would be kind of like arcing.


  • Another thing that --


  • Oh! By the way, he creates that by wearing wool socks under his robes.

    ちなみに外衣の中で 彼はウールの靴下を履いていて

  • (Laughter)

    それで電気を ためているんです

  • We can also get arcing if we have an extremely wet chest.


  • The electricity travels across the surface instead of through the heart.

    胸がすごく湿っている場合も アーク放電が起きる可能性があります

  • We can correct this with the immortal words of Douglas Adams:

    電気が心臓に流れる代わりに 体の表面を流れてしまうんです

  • "Don't panic," which most of us have done today --

    この問題にはダグラス・アダムズの 不滅の言葉で対処しましょう

  • and also always having a towel.

    「パニクるな」 みんな今日 経験済みでしょう —

  • So, good words to go by.


  • The metal bikini -- unfortunately, this is where panic sets in --


  • like the modern bra,

    金属製のビキニ — あいにくこれはパニックを避けがたいですが

  • we have to make sure we remove,


  • because this can cause severe arcing along with burns.


  • But unfortunately this opens up an issue

    そうしないと強いアーク放電が起きて 火傷させることになります

  • that's almost as controversial as talking about the prequels.


  • (Laughter)

    過去を描いた続編について語るのと同じくらいに デリケートな問題です

  • The mere mention of the word "nipples,"


  • and people get into a little bit of a tizzy.


  • By the way, that is not a nipple, that's a cupcake.


  • (Laughter)

    ちなみにこれは乳首じゃなくて カップケーキですので

  • Chances are, if you do have to use this,


  • this is going to be on someone you know.


  • And remember, everyone has nipples,

    知っている相手に対してである 可能性が高いでしょう

  • except for Jabba.


  • (Laughter)


  • But he does love cupcakes.


  • Speaking about Jabba,


  • if we do have to use an AED on him,


  • remember pad placement is the same,


  • even though he doesn't have nipples.

    乳首がなくとも パッドを付ける位置は変わらないことを

  • So it's going to be upper right-hand side, lower left.


  • If we were going through, we're shocking, getting ready to go --


  • after we've done the shock,

    通しで最後までやる場合 準備をし

  • one of the things we need to do is remember to do compression.


  • The preferred method is 30 compressions and two breaths

    その後にしなければならないのが 心臓マッサージです

  • in the center of the chest, between the nipples,

    理想的には 胸骨圧迫30回に 人工呼吸2回の割で

  • pressing down at least two inches,

    胸の中央 乳首の間の部分を

  • no more than two and a half,


  • at a rate of at least 100 beats a minute,


  • no more than 120.


  • Unfortunately, due to the size of Jabba's mouth


  • and also what he puts in said mouth,


  • we may not want to actually do the mouth-to-mouth part.

    ジャバが口にしているもの なんかのために

  • So instead, we can do compression-only CPR.

    マウス・ツー・マウスは 気が進まないかもしれません

  • The way of remembering the compression-only part

    その場合は 胸骨圧迫だけのCPRで結構です

  • is we can actually use the Imperial March.

    胸骨圧迫のリズムを 覚えるのに良いのは

  • I would sing it for you --


  • (Laughter)

    ここで歌って差し上げたい ところですが —

  • Unfortunately, that would be more something an interrogation droid would do.


  • Yoda.

    きっと尋問ドロイドのような苦痛を 与えることになるでしょう

  • Small little guy, like a baby.


  • What we do is basically treat him like a baby,

    赤ちゃんのように 体が小さいので

  • in the sense that we're going to place one pad in the center of the chest

    基本的に赤ちゃん同様に 処置します

  • and one in the back.

    すなわちパッドの一方を 胸の中央に

  • If we place them both in the front,


  • they can be too close and cause severe arcing,


  • so we want to avoid that.

    距離が近すぎて 強いアーク放電が起きかねないので

  • Hopefully, this helped to clarify


  • and put some light on some of the darker issues

    今日の話が スターウォーズの宇宙における

  • of using an AED in the Star Wars universe,


  • or any universe in total.


  • I'll leave you with one point.


  • Remember, if you do find yourself dealing with a Wookiee,


  • do not shave the entire Wookiee.

    ウーキーにAEDを 施す場合には

  • This takes way too much time,

    どうか全身の毛を剃ったり しないようにお願いします

  • and it only pisses them off.


  • (Laughter)

    ウーキーを怒らせることに なりますので

  • Thank you very much.


  • (Applause)


Last year, I got a chance to watch the new "Star Wars" movie,

翻訳: Yasushi Aoki 校正: Maki Sugimoto


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