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  • Translator: Timothy Covell Reviewer: Morton Bast

    翻訳: TSUKAWAKI KAZU 塚脇 和 校正: Chiaki Takeuchi

  • Organic chemists make molecules,


  • very complicated molecules,


  • by chopping up a big molecule into small molecules


  • and reverse engineering.


  • And as a chemist,

    数年前 研究室のグループに 何にでも使える

  • one of the things I wanted to ask my research group a couple of years ago is,

    数年前、研究室のグループに 何にでも使える

  • could we make a really cool universal chemistry set?

    化学実験キットが作れないか 課題を出しました

  • In essence, could we "app" chemistry?

    つまり化学のアプリ化が 可能かということです

  • Now what would this mean, and how would we do it?

    ではアプリ化の 意味と方法を見てみましょう

  • Well to start to do this,


  • we took a 3D printer


  • and we started to print our beakers and our test tubes on one side

    ビーカーや試験管などの 実験容器を印刷しました

  • and then print the molecule at the same time on the other side

    同時に別のプリンターで 分子を印刷し

  • and combine them together in what we call reactionware.

    「反応容器」の中で 組み合わせました

  • And so by printing the vessel and doing the chemistry at the same time,

    容器と分子の 同時印刷によって

  • we may start to access this universal toolkit of chemistry.

    化学アプリ開発の 可能性が生まれます

  • Now what could this mean?


  • Well if we can embed biological and chemical networks like a search engine,

    生体 化学的ネットワークを 検索エンジンのように組み込めれば

  • so if you have a cell that's ill that you need to cure


  • or bacteria that you want to kill,


  • if you have this embedded in your device

    手持ちの端末に これが組み込まれていれば

  • at the same time, and you do the chemistry,


  • you may be able to make drugs in a new way.

    全く新しい方法で 薬が作れるかもしれません

  • So how are we doing this in the lab?


  • Well it requires software, it requires hardware

    必要なのは ソフトウェアとハードウェア

  • and it requires chemical inks.


  • And so the really cool bit is,


  • the idea is that we want to have a universal set of inks


  • that we put out with the printer,


  • and you download the blueprint, the organic chemistry for that molecule

    分子の設計図を ダウンロードして

  • and you make it in the device.


  • And so you can make your molecule in the printer using this software.

    アプリを使って分子を 作るわけです

  • So what could this mean?


  • Well, ultimately, it could mean that you could print your own medicine.

    自分の薬を自分で印刷出来る ようになります

  • And this is what we're doing in the lab at the moment.


  • But to take baby steps to get there,


  • first of all we want to look at drug design and production,

    まず 薬の構造や製薬方法 つまり-

  • or drug discovery and manufacturing.

    薬の開発や製造を考慮する 必要があります

  • Because if we can manufacture it after we've discovered it,


  • we could deploy it anywhere.

    どこにでも薬を 届けられるからです

  • You don't need to go to the chemist anymore.


  • We can print drugs at point of need.


  • We can download new diagnostics.

    新しい診断も ダウンロードできます

  • Say a new super bug has emerged.

    新種の薬剤耐性菌が現れても すぐに検索して

  • You put it in your search engine,

    新種の薬剤耐性細菌が現れても すぐに検索して

  • and you create the drug to treat the threat.


  • So this allows you on-the-fly molecular assembly.

    その場で分子を 構築できるのです

  • But perhaps for me the core bit going into the future

    私が考えるこの研究の 将来性は

  • is this idea of taking your own stem cells,


  • with your genes and your environment,


  • and you print your own personal medicine.

    自分専用の薬が 印刷できるという発想です

  • And if that doesn't seem fanciful enough,


  • where do you think we're going to go?


  • Well, you're going to have your own personal matter fabricator.

    個人専用の 物質構成装置かもしれません

  • Beam me up, Scotty.


  • (Applause)


Translator: Timothy Covell Reviewer: Morton Bast

翻訳: TSUKAWAKI KAZU 塚脇 和 校正: Chiaki Takeuchi


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