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  • They did it!

  • I'm sure Luke wasn't on that thing when it blew.

  • He wasn't.

  • I can feel it.

  • You love him.

  • Don't you?

  • Yes.

  • All right. I understand.

  • Fine.

  • When he comes back...

  • I won't get in the way.

  • It's not like that at all.

  • He's my brother.

They did it!


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スター・ウォーズVI:ジェダイの帰還」「彼は私の兄弟」(ルークとレイア、愛のテーマ)(サブイタ (Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi - "He is my brother" (Luke and Leia, Love Theme) (sub ITA))

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