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  • This is Gara, the deadly warrior.

  • Manipulator of glass, she fractures the resolve of her enemies.

  • Shattered Lash thrusts forward a deadly glass blade damaging any in its path...

  • or pulled to sweep the blade around an area in front of you.

  • Splinter Storm surrounds her target with swirling shards of glass pushing away

  • enemies and damaging them or protecting her allies with a damage reduction.

  • Spectrorage creates a ring of mirrors around a target area causing enemies

  • within it to attack and break them inflicting damage to themselves. When

  • enough mirrors are destroyed, the ring collapses damaging all enemies within.

  • Break on through, Tenno. Mass Vitrify expands outwards coating all enemies it

  • passes slowing them over time until completely frozen, blocking enemies and

  • weapons fire. Hitting the ring with Shattered Lash will cause it to break

  • and deal damage outwards. The shattered remains of her enemies are all that Gara

  • leaves behind. Tread lightly.

This is Gara, the deadly warrior.


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B2 中上級

ウォーフレームのプロフィール - レース (Warframe Profile - Gara)

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