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  • So I typed a text to a girl I used to see

  • Sayin' that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be

  • And I apologize if this message gets you down

  • Then I CC'ed every girl that I'd see-seed 'round town

  • And hate to see y'all frown but I'd rather see her smilin'

  • Wetness all around me, true but I'm no island

  • Peninsula maybe, it makes no sense, I know crazy

  • Give up all this pussy cat that's in my lap, no lookin' back

  • Spaceships don't come equipped with rear view mirrors

  • They dip as quick as they can, the atmosphere is now ripped

  • I'm so like a pimp, I'm glad it's night

  • So the light from the sun would not burn me on my bum

  • When I shoot the moon, high jump the broom

  • Like a preemie out the womb, my partner yelling "too soon

  • Don't do it! Reconsider, read some liter-

  • -ature on the subject. You sure? Fuck it

  • You know we got your back like chiroprac-tic

  • If that bitch do you dirty we'll wipe her ass out in some detergent

  • Now hurry hurry go on to the altar

  • I know you ain't a pimp, but pimp remember what I taught ya:

  • Keep your heart, Three Stacks, keep your heart

  • Hey keep your heart, Three Stacks, keep your heart

  • Man these girls is smart, Three Stacks, these girls is smart

  • Play your part... play your part."

  • My bitch a choosy lover, never fuck without a rubber

  • Never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover

  • Money on the dresser, drive a Kompressor

  • Top notch hoes get the most, not the lesser

  • Trash like to fuck with $40 in the club

  • Fuckin' up the game, bitch it gets no love

  • She be cross country, givin' all that she got

  • A thousand a pop, I'm pullin' Bentleys off the lot

  • I smashed up the gray one, bought me a red

  • Every time we hit the parkin' lot we turn head

  • Some hoes wanna choose but them bitches too scary

  • Your bitch chose me, you ain't a pimp, you a fairy

  • Baby you been rollin' solo, time to get down with the team

  • The grass is greener on that other side, if you know what I mean

  • I show you shit you never seen, the Seven Wonders of the World

  • And I can make you the eighth if you wanna be my girl

  • When I say my girl I don't mean my woman, that ain't my style

  • Need a real street stalker (stalker) to walk a green mile

  • We piling up the paper on the dining room table

  • Cause you able to realize I'm the truth and not a fable

  • We rock the freshest Sable, keep that 'chilla on the rack

  • What I look like with some thousand dollar shit up on my back?

  • I'm a million dollar mack that need a billion dollar bitch

  • Put my pimpin' in your life, watch ya daddy get rich

  • Easy as A-B-C, simple as 1-2-3

  • Get down with U-G-K, Pimp C, B-U-N B

  • Cause what's a ho with no pimp, and what's a pimp with no hoes

  • Don't be a lame, you know the game and how it goes

  • We tryna get chose

  • Eeny meeny decisions, with precision I pick or

  • Make my selection on who I choose to be wit' girl

  • Don't touch my protection, I know you want it to slip

  • But slippin' is somethin' I don't do, tippin' for life

  • That's like makin' it rain every month on schedule

  • Let me tell you, get your parasol umbrella

  • Cause it's gonna get wetter

  • Better prepare ya for the C support

  • She supposed to spend it on that baby but we see she don't

  • "Ask-ask Paul McCartney, the lawyers couldn't stop it"

  • "Slaughter-slaughterin' of them pockets"

  • "Had to tie her to a rocket"

  • Send her in to outer space, I know he wish he could

  • Cause he payin' 20K a day, that bitch is eating good

  • Like an infant on a double D titty, just getting plump

  • Cause you miscalculated the next to the-the last pump

  • "Dump-dump in the gut, raw from the giddy up"

  • "Better choose that right one or pick-pick the kiddies up"

  • "(Shit)"

So I typed a text to a girl I used to see


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