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  • 00:02 COMM: The first day in class is a daunting

  • prospect, so imagine being one of the 47,000 pupils on the register of the world's biggest

  • school.

  • 00:11 COMM: City Montessori in Lucknow, India, is

  • so large that no venue is big enough to hold an entire school assembly. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi

  • has the unenviable task of presiding over the twenty campus school, which has been recognised

  • by Guinness World Records.

  • 00:28 JAGDISH: I founded this school with only five

  • children, and that too I got with great difficulty. So from word of mouth it spread, and slowly

  • and slowly children have started coming in. and year after year the numbers swelled. It

  • has twenty campuses in the city of Lucknow. Even in a small town the population isn't

  • as big as 47,000.

  • 00:51 COMM: For fourteen year old like Kanika Gupta

  • being one of thousands of students at CNS has it's ups and downs.

  • 00:58 KANIKA: I would certainly say that all schools

  • are good but CMS, I would not think of leaving it, I would not imagine leaving it.

  • 01:06 COMM: Lessons in the schools 1,000 plus classrooms

  • may look fairly familiar, but the subjects taught often aren't.

  • 01:14 COMM: Alongside geography, history and English,

  • classes of up to 47 pupils are also taught messages of universal peace. Miss Archana

  • Misha is one of two thousand five hundred teachers charged with sharing this unique

  • message with students.

  • 01:28 ARCHANA: I've been a part of CMS for the last

  • six years, teaching is not so easy nowadays because we are dealing with the generation

  • which is hi-fi, hi-tech, they know everything, they know about everything, sometimes they

  • even know more than us. We give them extra classes, supposedly you're not able to give

  • attention to any particular child.

  • 01:50 COMM: Everything about CMS is big, it has

  • 4,000 staff, around thirty thousand computers, and goes through thousands of pounds worth

  • of stationary each year. The daily fifteen minute lunch break is no less chaotic.

  • 02:05 COMM: Each day at ten forty AM, up to 12,000

  • pupils swirl the school's tiny canteen area, scoffing hundreds of vegetable patties and

  • burgers.

  • 02:15 COMM: And out on the sports field, preceding

  • to have an element of military pomp to them. Egg and spoon races are ditched, in favour

  • of human pyramids and sack races.

  • 02:25 JAGDISH: I never realised it was going to

  • become so big. It was a very proud moment for us when the Guinness Book of Records included

  • this school, it was 1999 at the time we only had 22,000 children, but now the number has

  • been more than doubled.

  • 02:41 COMM: Despite already being the world's biggest,

  • City Montessori's growth doesn't look like slowing up.

00:02 COMM: The first day in class is a daunting


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世界最大の学校 - シティ・モンテッソーリ・インディア (Biggest School In the World - City Montessori India)

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