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  • Puppy Predictors!

  • Welcome to the Puppy Predictors Super Bowl LII Edition.

  • Here's how it works.

  • We have 11 puppies, we have two bowls of kibble,

  • one representing the New England Patriots,

  • the other representing the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Whichever team's bowl gets the most puppies

  • will be crowned the Super Bowl champs.

  • Now...

  • ...let's meet the puppies.

  • Come and get it.

  • Hi, guys.

  • Uh, guys, we have Ron Bell, Kyle McAdams, Mary Kennedy,

  • Ted Mooney, Donna Braylon, Peter Winston, Roger Blain,

  • Lisa Armstrong, Bruce Devins, Angie Griffin and Gary Frick Jr.

  • Now...

  • ...listen up.

  • Before we release you, okay, I want no, uh --

  • I want no whining, no -- no butt sniffing,

  • no colluding.

  • Uh, Gary -- Gary Frick Jr., get over here.

  • Gary, pay attention. Gary!

  • Pay atten-- Yes, very good.

  • Now, look, you guys ready to do this

  • and see who are gonna be the Super Bowl champs?

  • All right, here we go.

  • Release the puppies.

  • Ooh, it's a tight...

  • Oh, looks like a landslide!

  • The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champs!

  • Come on.

  • The New England Patriots will be crowned the Super Bowl champs.

  • Enjoy the game, everybody.

  • We'll be right back with Katie Couric. Stick around.

  • Puppy Predictors

Puppy Predictors!


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子犬はスーパーボウルLIIの勝者を予測する (Puppies Predict the Winner of Super Bowl LII)

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