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  • (Playing Small Small World on Piano)

  • (Drums and upbeat music takes over)

  • BUZZ: Alright you junior space rangers: Listen up!

  • Zerg is using the stolen battery cells to engerise his secret weapon...

  • (Upbeat music fades to reveal background theme park crowd hustle and Disney light music)

  • (Energetic dance music)

  • (Cheers and applause from audience)

  • (Cars roaring)

  • (Calm music)

  • You are a toy!!!

  • (Dramatic classical music)

  • (Country and western music)

  • (Upbeat Pop music)

  • BUZZ: Greetings! Sarge has assembled the green army men from parachute training

  • RC is charged and ready to race

  • And Slinky dog is standing by ready to chase his tail. Now get in there and have fun.

  • (French music)

  • (Dramatic classical music)

  • (Gentle guitar picking)

  • (Light classical music)

  • (Clapping)

  • (Live rock music)

  • (Gentle music)

  • (Rollercoaster roar and screams)

  • (Upbeat pop music)

  • (Funny pop music)

  • (Live country music)

  • (Live Rodeo music)

  • (Hundreds of people banging their cutlery)

  • (speaking in French)

  • (Cowboy music playing)

  • (Live jazz music)

  • (Audience applause)

  • (Live jazz music)

  • (Upbeat rock music)

  • (Gentle pop music)

  • (Screams)

  • (Screams)

  • (Screams in slow motion)

  • (Jazz music)

  • (Car horn)

  • (Steam noises)

  • (Applause)

  • (Train ringing its bell)

  • (Calm music)

  • (Inspirational music)

(Playing Small Small World on Piano)


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