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  • I got you babe.

  • Really?

  • What did you do?

  • Try watching without WIFI, bitch!

  • Ugggh Josh.

  • Mhmm you're so funny!

  • What babe? Did you just say Josh?

  • Are you talking about my best friend Josh?

  • Oh my God, yeah don't stop!

  • Let's hear more about this then.

  • I gotta pee!

  • You're sleeping in here tonight!

  • What? What? You okay?

  • Oh it was a nightmare! But now that you're up, do you mind getting the light?

  • Why?

  • Why? No! Stop it! Get me out of here!

  • What is wrong with you?

  • Not now babe, I'm just getting to the good part.

  • Babe, I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling it.

  • Babe, I'm really tired.

  • I think I just got my second wind!

I got you babe.


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