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  • so Eddie Redmayne you're now part of the

  • Harry Potter universe

  • yes

  • what were some of the first questions

  • that you add JK Rowling about the

  • character what were those things right

  • on your mind in the beginning so of I

  • especially the last 2 characters are

  • played on living all had named Stephen

  • Hawking obviously that I not spending

  • time with and Lili Elbe there was so

  • much written about her throat and

  • neutral fictional and and was coming

  • from a little from joe's imagination so

  • when we first met it will be only had an

  • hour and it was like both of us just

  • talked at each other about knew that and

  • it was kind of amazing and a lot of it

  • was very personal to her and she has

  • this extraordinary imagination but I

  • think we're a lot of these characters

  • come from the place in her heart for the

  • people that are around her and she knows

  • but the newt I can't really say much

  • about it but came from this for quite a

  • specific place and and and what was

  • lovely was to be able to talk about all

  • of the qualities in him the fact that

  • it's not the obvious heroic you know he

  • finds the sort of hero in but really

  • it's about his relationship with the

  • creatures that galvanizes him to kind of

  • move forward in it but um but it was

  • those eccentricities I think we reported

  • her the most wonderful things her script

  • as well as being the words being

  • wonderful

  • um you also had the most extraordinary

  • stage directions which were like reading

  • her books you know that the intricacy of

  • the detail and the specific the

  • specifics of that and so for example

  • when you first meet mute heezy one of

  • the first things is walking through New

  • York City and he described as kind of

  • walking his own walk and had a buster

  • keaton like quality to him so that those

  • were the words that she had used to

  • describe the burg it means that an and

  • and and almost like he was analyzing the

  • he'd never been anywhere like new york

  • and yet known scrutinizing the city in a

  • way that you know the scientists or or

  • someone that were ornithologist would a

  • habitat like rid of ants nest or things

  • of that kind of curiosity was something

  • that was a real inroads something

  • that he was analyzing in a way that

  • wasn't about to stop very specific

  • selection

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so Eddie Redmayne you're now part of the


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エディ・レッドメイン、J.K.ローリングとの初対面で何があったか明かす|PEN|People (Eddie Redmayne Reveals What Happened At First Meeting With J.K. Rowling | PEN | People)

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