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  • Hi, I'm [INAUDIBLE] from Intel.

  • In this video, I will discuss the Intel Speech Enabling

  • Developer Kit.

  • It aims to provide speech capabilities

  • into your smart home devices.

  • We are also going to show you how

  • to set it up so that you can start using it

  • in your own developments.


  • Smart homes do more than just connect devices to the cloud.

  • The value of a smart home comes from addressing

  • the real human needs by easing the task of running a home,

  • creating peace of mind, and enriching daily life.

  • To be truly smart, a home must seamlessly

  • interconnect diverse devices, services, and things

  • throughout the home to become more perceptive, responsive,

  • and autonomous.

  • Our homes work seamlessly to understand your intentions,

  • anticipate your needs, and proactively deliver

  • amazing experiences.

  • Speech understanding capabilities

  • are essential to a smart home.

  • Now I'll walk you through assembling the Intel Speech

  • Enabling Developer Kit.


  • Step one, start with the DSP board

  • with the bottom side facing up.

  • Place the screws with the heads down on a hard surface

  • and insert one washer on each of the screws.

  • Insert the three screws into the three screw

  • slots on the DSP board.

  • Place another washer on the other side of the board,

  • and screw in the three large standoffs.


  • Step two, insert the Raspberry Pi connector

  • cable on the board.

  • Step 3--


  • Now you have a fully set up Intel Speech Enabling Developer

  • Kit.

  • Thank you for watching and to learn more,

  • check out


Hi, I'm [INAUDIBLE] from Intel.


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How to Set Up Your Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit | Intel Software

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