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  • Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man

  • and today these bees and I are getting together to teach you a thing or two

  • about English idioms

  • I bet youve never been taught by a

  • bee before

  • look at them all

  • working away

  • Busy buzzy bees

  • Buzzzzz

  • Buzzzzzz

  • In English

  • if somebody's very busy

  • or is moving around quickly doing lots of things

  • we can say that

  • busy as a bee

  • Busy

  • as a bee

  • What else do we know about bees?

  • My favourite

  • Runny honey, I love honey

  • In fact, I think it's the bee’s knees

  • Now, I know what youre thinking

  • what are you talking about you silly man

  • the bee’s knees

  • In english

  • if we think that something is excellent

  • or the very highest quality

  • we can say it's the bee’s knees

  • The bee’s knees

  • like my lessons

  • theyre the bee’s knees

  • (Booing)

  • they may make yummy, runny honey

  • but never forget

  • that bees

  • have a nasty side

  • they

  • sting

  • You wouldn’t

  • want one to fly up here into your hat

  • or bonnet as we call this old-fashioned lady’s hat

  • how would you feel

  • if you had the bee in your bonnet

  • extremely worried

  • In english

  • if someone is very worried

  • or concerned about something

  • and they talk about it

  • all the time

  • we can say they got a bee in their bonnet

  • to have a bee in your bonnet

  • Hold on

Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man


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蜂のイディオム - BBC Learning English (Bee Idioms - BBC Learning English)

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