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  • We asked you all a few weeks ago which country you wanted us to tackle in our nexthow

  • powerful isvideo, and we got your response loud and clear...

  • Sweden!

  • It’s often pointed to as the ideal combination of capitalism and socialism.

  • Maybe it’s due to the country’s high standard of living, education, and socialized healthcare,

  • or maybe it’s due to their widely respected international standing.

  • Whatever the reason, we thought - with your motivation - we’d dive deep into their society,

  • politics, and military to find out the truth behind just how powerful Sweden really is.

  • The Kingdom of Sweden is a Nordic and Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe.

  • While many use the two terms interchangeably, they are not actually the same.

  • The Scandinavian countries are generally considered to be Sweden and its immediate neighbors,

  • Denmark, and Norway.

  • However, the phraseNordic countriesusually also includes Finland, Iceland, Greenland,

  • the Faroe Islands, and the Aland Islands.

  • Compared to most of its neighbors, and the European Union, Sweden is massive, coming

  • in as the third largest member of the EU at nearly 175,000 square miles.

  • Like other Nordic countries, Sweden is still technically a monarchy, although their royal

  • family holds no real power.

  • Instead, power is held by its democratic parliament.

  • The country’s constitution is founded on four major pillars: First, all government

  • power is granted by its population by way of its parliament, the Riksdag.

  • Second, the constitution says the country shall have a king and queen, with specific

  • rules of succession, including a requirement that they be Protestant.

  • Third, freedom of the press is a guarantee, which public authorities are not allowed to

  • censor.

  • Fourth, freedom of expression cannot be abridged except in cases of public defamation.

  • Sweden is also known for the robust social system it has in place for its population

  • of ten million residents.

  • The country provides universal healthcare as well as a free college education.

  • Part of the reason it’s able to do this is because Sweden has one of the highest per

  • capita incomes in the world, and the government taxes that income significantly, on average

  • at nearly 60%.

  • Roughly a quarter of collected taxes go towards healthcare and education, about 40% goes towards

  • social security, and just 5% is allocated towards law enforcement and military.

  • But despite such a low budgetary focus from taxes, Sweden’s military ranks 29th worldwide,

  • with more than 40,000 available troops, and a defense budget of roughly 6 billion dollars.

  • Throughout its history, Sweden has been strictly neutral, with its last direct warfare seen

  • in 1814.

  • It is also a member of numerous intergovernmental organizations, such as the European Union,

  • the United Nations, the Nordic Council, the World Trade Organization, and the OECD.

  • It is not, however, a NATO member, nor is it part of the Eurozone, preferring to use

  • their own currency, the krona.

  • So what does this high-tax, social welfare, and strong military mean for Sweden?

  • Well, they have one of the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, best educated, and most progressive

  • populations in the world.

  • In fact, with 10 million residents, roughly a quarter of the population is foreign born,

  • due to the country’s acceptance of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Despite nationalist rhetoric from white supremacy groups and even the President of the United

  • States, crime in Sweden has not seen a significant rise, and is currently roughly the same as

  • it was in 2005.

  • In short, Sweden has managed to bridge the gap between social welfare and high incomes,

  • while opening its doors to those in need.

  • So, when it’s held up as a model and standard for how other countries should function, it

  • may be because Sweden is doing incredibly well on its own.

We asked you all a few weeks ago which country you wanted us to tackle in our nexthow


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