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  • I actually had

  • Hey yeah yeah yeah

  • I actually had a lot of colonies back in the day

  • I was big and strong

  • not like I'm trying to brag or anything

  • but I was pretty good

  • yeah...

  • You again?

  • You need to stop annoying everyone with your stupid stories

  • Hey you better walk away I was strong

  • not like you

  • you do realize I had more colonies than you?

  • Yeah right.. I had more you little shit

  • What?

  • Yeah That's right

  • Amatures

  • ey ey ey you... you little shit

  • What did you say?

  • I said

  • Amatures

I actually had


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A1 初級

誰がより多くの植民地を持っていた - Countryballs (Who had more colonies - Countryballs)

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