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  • Maybe sooner or later

  • I can fall in love with a leaf

  • Then in another future

  • I'll be able to love someone

  • He may read the poems by Shelley

  • or be far away, other planet

  • He's allowed to give kiss in my face

  • take me to a brand new day

  • I drown so deep in the sorrow I can't forget

  • At that time my hope and dream got totally fell to break

  • Colors means nothing to me

  • day and night have no differences

  • Don't know how I can pretend to (註一)

  • be one of those walking dead

  • Something keeps occupying my whole brain

  • should be called fear

  • corroding my mind

  • Can't even feel the hate anymore

  • or the pallid will to die

  • When I hear the lullaby

  • I start to cry for my dying right

  • Vultures always fly in my sky

  • People all sigh

  • in the way I can't understand

  • I want to live as a child in the Neverland

  • Where baddies will get punished for their horrible lies

  • I'll be willing to pay out all things I have

  • Just for regaining an illusion as if I'm still alive

  • Before the sunset my heart is gonna catch fire

  • Is there a chance that I can try to struggle one more time

Maybe sooner or later


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