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  • Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1. Here we go.

  • very good. very good.

  • you are what? 11 years old?

  • you are 11? oh, playing this piece.

  • pretty cool. i started when I was 13.

  • You are two years ahead.

  • I think, can you take off your jacket?

  • Thank you. It's easier to watch. by the way, it's a very nice jacket.

  • I have one almost the same. You played very well.

  • only a few things that ... Let's talk a little bit about the sound. all

  • right? the sound.

  • can you play the chords again? the last few chords?

  • can you make sure that you play

  • a little

  • bit you push a little bit energy you use more energy on your top note. so basically it's

  • like

  • I like the way you play very solid, but a little highlight a little bit.

  • more

  • yeah that chord

  • very good. here.

  • can you make it more ..

  • like a harp

  • no no no

  • 1 2 bang bang bang

  • sound a little bit more

  • that's good

  • you have huge hands. huge hands

  • hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on

  • space grand fields

  • very good very good excellent you are guru

  • excellent I remember Russa is a big country.

  • very big country. all right when you played dadada

  • that's like excellent but don't play too loud you know. you have

  • right? three times louder each time

  • hold on di da da that's kind of staccato(?)

  • so you need to be totally seperate one more time. it's good but not clean.

  • breath breath two problems

  • one, you finger, your technique more precise i show you

  • the moment you played is like this it's kind of like cleaning the keyboard

  • just joking, don't take it seriously

  • so don't clean it another way not clean the keys is that your

  • peddle you need to change every unit.

  • don't play don' change one more time

  • play really slow like da da da when you practice it, you need to practices

  • this speed. don't play too fast.

  • specially, your left hand you see the shape of that

  • look my hand don't play

  • all right the last two notes

  • one more time one more time it's very important

  • so now let's do more big chords to from there

  • the biginng is pretty good but here your hands have some problems

  • first of all when playing chords, you need to be very steady

  • on the keys on the keys, all right, don't play

  • only left hand see, your middle voice is

  • the problem see, these two

  • ok try it take here

  • be carefull. don't break your hand, all right difficult stuff

  • culture of Tchaikovsky one more time

  • slow, both hands same thing here, all right

  • that's it now I hear really solid sound

  • you are good you are really good

  • I know you are even better the Thomas train you know the famous train

  • don't rush when you practice you need to be more precise

  • since it's very difficult piece seriously I mean

  • not many 11 years old can play this so it's big achievement

  • don't you know kill yourself so pratice slow

  • all right make sure you get everything you hear

Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1. Here we go.


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