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  • JERRY PATRICK: We made a reference we used

  • when customising the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine by, as luck would have it, watching tons of cartoons.

  • COMM: For over ten years AKA Junk has created

  • incredible replicas of TV and movie cars.

  • JERRY PATRICK: This is our Scooby Doo Mystery

  • Machine. We do everything in-house. We do the paint, the bodywork, the decals, everything’s

  • done right here at our shop. If we walk around, we try to get it as accurate as we can, cartoon-accurate

  • that is. We come around back and we get to see Scooby and Shaggy peaking out the back

  • window, looking down. A Scooby Doo tag for the back handle.

  • JERRY PATY: The famous purple front and back

  • bumpers try to be as cartoon-accurate as we can.

  • COMM: Owner Jerry first started customising

  • classic cars before moving onto TV and replica vehicles. Over three months, the team transformed

  • a 1967 Dodge van into this well loved mystery-solving machine. Every detail was painstakingly planned

  • to match the iconic cartoon.

  • JERRY PATRICK: As we come around to this side

  • of the van, we get to open up the side doors to reveal the secret compartment inside, it’s

  • rarely shown in the cartoons. We kind of took some creative liberties on the inside. About

  • a hundred feet of LED lighting and we get to hang out with the gang on the inside of the van.

  • COMM: And a project this size didn’t come cheap.

  • JERRY PATRICK: I get asked from time to time,

  • how much certain cars cost to build. With my wife sitting in the other room, I’d hate

  • to say the true figures, so let’s just say that I have got a stack of paperwork this

  • big on most bills and I don’t ever run a total on any of it from fear of what my wife

  • might actually say to me.

  • JERRY PATRICK: The biggest challenges of building

  • The Mystery Machine is the sheer size, that’s a big van. We are talking about doing inside

  • and outside, the roof, the side panels. Overall, I mean, it’s hard to describe something

  • that’s that enormous to work on. If you do an older car, you are talking about doing

  • two doors, and this car, this van, has six doors. So when you take six doors off and

  • have to replace the door rubber, the paint, the body and do everything, it’s a challenge.

  • It’s a big project to undertake, but it turns out really really awesome. I mean, I'm a guy that

  • grew up with Scooby Doo, and who wouldn’t want to have a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine?

JERRY PATRICK: We made a reference we used


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ムービーバフがスクービードゥーの「ミステリーマシン」バンを構築。RIDICOULOUS RIDES (Movie Buff Builds Scooby Doo's 'Mystery Machine' Van: RIDICULOUS RIDES)

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