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  • 00:05 COMM: King of the road Irvin Gordon has been

  • driving his 1966 Volvo p1800 for 46 years

  • 00:21 COMM: With a staggering 2,994,000 miles on

  • the clock he is set to break the 3 million mile barrier

  • 00:35 IRVIN: My friends used to think I was slightly

  • nuts but now they're very impressed that the car is getting the attention that its getting

  • um they're waiting to see it get the 3 million miles also they're very enthusiastic about

  • it.

  • 00:48 COMM: Irvin from Long Island, New York began

  • his love affair with the volvo 1966 when he laid eyes on the car for the first time.

  • 00:56 IRVIN: Uh i payed $4,150 which was a whole

  • year salary for me I put 1500 miles on the car the first week and I earned it, I just

  • couldn't get out the car, I was having such a good time, I just spent all Friday night,

  • all Saturday, all day Sunday then came back Monday for its 1500 mile checkup.

  • 01:14 COMM: Driving an average of 60,000 miles a

  • year the 70 year olds travels have taken him all over America and even around the world.

  • in 2009 the car received a Guinness World Record for the highest vehicle milage clocking

  • an access of 2,721,000 miles.

  • 01:31 IRVIN: I've always liked driving everyone

  • has to have a hobby, some people drink, some people take drugs, driving is my drug of choice.

  • 01:39 COMM: As you might expect all those miles

  • required a lot of maintenance and work, today Irv has payed for 157 oil changes, 120 lots

  • of transmission fluid, 30 drive belts and 150 points and plugs, not to mention the thousands

  • of dollars he's spent on petrol

  • 01:57 IRVIN: I like to drive so I could be spending

  • it on I don't know golf, bowling, I could be doing whatever um I choose to spend my

  • time at a gas station filling the car up

  • 02:07 COMM: In just a few months time the car is

  • expected to reach 3 million miles but after 46 years, Irv is finally ready to say goodbye

  • so if you have a spare 3 million dollars in the bank then this classic could be yours

  • 02:20 IRVIN: Its for sale I'm entertaining offers

  • at a dollar a mile, I like driving a new car they have air conditioning and power and everything,

  • power seats and heated seats, nice stereos and all kinds off nifty equipment and all

  • the things that my car doesn't have.

  • 02:34 COMM: But until he finds a buyer, Irv will

  • continue hitting the highway and clocking up more miles

  • 02:40 IRVIN: A lot of those miles just add up and

  • after 46 years of driving and driving and driving, I've never gotten tired of this one

  • and I still enjoy driving it.

00:05 COMM: King of the road Irvin Gordon has been


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