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  • Hello! This is Jack from, and welcome to this english lesson where

  • we're going to look at the phrase:

  • How's it going? How's it going?

  • Now, this is a common question to ask people - people that you know when you see

  • them again.

  • So, for example, when I go to play football and I see my teammates they say

  • to me:

  • How's it going? How's it going? And this is a little bit more informal than 'how

  • are you?'

  • So, know that is used in informal settings, especially with people you already know.

  • Now, to answer this question keep it simple - keep it simple.

  • People aren't asking you for a long-winded answer - for a long answer here.

  • They don't really want to know everything about your life at this

  • situation. Answers that they expect are things like 'it's going good' or 'good,

  • thanks'

  • 'pretty good'

  • 'not too bad.' So, we keep the answer here

  • quite short when we're answering this question. Also a very common thing to do

  • here is to say: 'what about you?' or just simply 'you?' at the end of answering this

  • question. So, you might say:

  • 'good, you? or 'good,

  • what about you?' So, this is just a very simple way to start a conversation.

  • Usually when we meet someone for the first time we keep our answers short at

  • the beginning and then we start to elaborate and expand on our answers

  • later when we get into a conversation about something specific.

  • So, for example, a conversation might go like this:

  • 'Hey, how's it going?' 'Hood thanks, you?'

  • 'Not too bad.' 'Good.' So, it's very,

  • you know, it's very short with these short answers, but then you start to expand and

  • talk a little bit more about your life at this stage.

  • Be sure to look at the description for the written answers so that you can read

  • these answers and memorize them.

  • So, thank you for watching this lesson and please share it if you found it

  • useful.

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Hello! This is Jack from, and welcome to this english lesson where


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