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  • Andrew: My name’s Andrew Leider. I have one of the world’s largest collection of

  • antique firetrucks.

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  • Andrew: I guess it’s a benign hobby.

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  • COMM: 62­year­old Andrew started collecting fire trucks 13 years ago ­ and now

  • has 450 of them.

  • 00:27

  • COMM: His collection is now worth a staggering one million dollars.

  • 00:32

  • Andrew: I worked with the firefighters on 9/11 and I greatly appreciated their

  • heroism and I felt they should be honoured by purchasing one antique firetruck in

  • their number.

  • 00:44

  • Andrew: I started with one truck and I then purchased a second truck a few months

  • later and they became an addiction.

  • 00:54

  • Andrew: Each one is an individual industrial art.

  • 01:01

  • COMM: Andrew sources the trucks from fire departments from around the US.

  • 01:05

  • COMM: He bought some at scrap value, but others costs tens of thousands of

  • dollars.

  • 01:10

  • Andrew: I have a couple of favourites. The arins fox is probably the rarest of all the

  • trucks, theyre considered the Roles Royce of firetrucks.

  • 01:18

  • Andrew: This is a mid 1960s Porsche which was manufactured in Kenosha,

  • Wisconsin. Thousand gallon a minute pumper.

  • 01:26

  • Andrew: These are all the pump controls. You got your pressure governor, this is

  • your main suction and then youve got the outlets here to hook up your hoses.

  • 01:40

  • COMM: Some of the vehicles are roadworthy, and it’s no wonder Andrew draws

  • attention when Andrew takes them out for a spin.

  • 01:52

  • Andrew: It’s a lot of fun to drive the trucks. It’s actually more fun to see people

  • looking at the trucks and appreciating them.

  • 02:02

  • Woman: When I first pulled in it caught my attention, I was like wow, you know,

  • that’s got to be extremely old but in very, very good condition.

  • 02:11

  • Woman: And I think it’s fantastic when you think of how far trucks have come over

  • the generations.

  • 02:15

  • COMM: Next on the agenda for Andrew is sharing his beloved trucks with the wide

  • world by setting up museums in New York and Pennsylvania.



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ホットウィールアメリカンは100万ドルの消防車コレクションを持っている (Hot Wheels: American Has Million Dollar Firetruck Collection)

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