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  • Hey what's up everybody it's Jeff and Ray from Achievement Hunter,

  • Ray: Hey! Jeff: This is the "Say Hi To The Internet" achievement guide,

  • So you know what that means.

  • What's up, Internet?

  • "Hey whats up internet"

  • This is me, Ray

  • "How you been"?

  • "Good"

  • So what do we do here?

  • J: Alright, so we are at an outpost my friend. R: we are at an outpost, there's a lot of them

  • J:I'm going to pop the map in a second.. R: Pop that map J:Like uh.. Like I pop boners.

  • And there it is right there, by Rock Point Tower.

  • That little guy right there, I don't remember where it is. There it is in the fucking map, and then were going to go over here

  • to this little part right here, where there's like a little nipple. Where the tip of the boob.

  • Just below the nipple. Slightly in the under boob section of that beach.

  • And then we're going to run over here, and uhhhhh... it's a bit of a ways,

  • J: So maybe I'll fast forward it. R: It is a jungle out there, Jeff. Not sure if you're aware

  • Hehe..Hehe..Hehe..

  • It is, It's a jungle in here

  • And uhh

  • I don't run into [Nandy Roon] much, but uhh,

  • I do run into tigers about every 14 seconds,

  • gotta watch out for that.

  • And also beach bears. I don't know if you know this, but those are the worst, they are like polar bears on a beach...

  • And nothing like polar bears.. at all

  • uhh.. hey it's my apartment

  • J: check it out R: nice place right there

  • Hello queens [scoffs]

  • i didn't realize you grow up in such a picturesque area (laughs)

  • Yeah, well, you know, queens is pretty big

  • Are all of these rocks your school friends?

  • Yeah... And real friends (laughs) yeah, people I talk to

  • If we make our way over here to the underboob,

  • You can see there's some dudes

  • Hey... did [chatos] lynch those guys? Or...

  • Yeah, [chatos] lynch those guys,

  • And check this out, there's a knife! That's weird, You don't just see a knife everyday...

  • we can't pick it up

  • kitchen knife

  • you live in a mean streets of

  • the New York city

  • the guy is upside down hanged

  • lemme cut him out

  • whoops hey it's the thought that counts.

  • and uh, I'm like... this is interesting

  • wha wa wha wa

  • that's a...

  • it's says uh..

  • X to interact

  • that's

  • was hard to say

  • Achievement unlock say hi to the Internet

  • you're sloooow

  • just one time there you go

  • Michael is going to do that in 6 months

  • just watch

  • maybe i can dig this guy out

  • uhh well no

  • you cant escape from torture

  • uh nope

  • A for effort tho right?

  • i've been sitting here and it got me thinking

  • this looks familiar

  • head at the bottom

  • from the treee and knife at the corpse

  • where have i seen that before


  • it's the cover

  • the cover of Far Cry 3

  • that's Va

  • and he is hanging out with the

  • whoever

  • Steve

  • and uh that's pretty clear cool

  • you can actually go in the game and

  • find the cover

  • internet friend

  • way to go

Hey what's up everybody it's Jeff and Ray from Achievement Hunter,


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ファークライ3 - インターネットの達成ガイドにこんにちはを言う (Far Cry 3 - Say Hi to the Internet Achievement Guide)

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