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  • (Mark Angel Comedy Episode 113)

  • She Was There

  • Leave my life alone.

  • Leave my life alone... ahg-ahg

  • So Mark you're saying that I should leave your life alone.

  • Ummm.

  • And you know I've been with you through your hard times.

  • Mark, when you were broke I was there with you.

  • When you didn't have food to eat I was there with you.

  • When you didn't even have a job I was there with you.

  • Uncle, this aunty is right.

  • When you were sick,

  • she was there.

  • Ohhh, thank God.

  • When you had accident in Lagos,

  • this aunty was there.

  • Thank you!

  • Tell him!

  • When Facebook blocked your account

  • that you wanted to kill yourself,

  • she was there.

  • God will bless you!

  • Amen.

  • Everytime things are not going well with you,

  • this aunty is always there.

  • Exactly.

  • Let me advice you.

  • This aunty is bad luck.

  • - Jesus. - Yes na!

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  • Children, don't insult your elderly ones.

  • Liberia, you're coming to Liberia on the 24th... 26th

  • you're coming to Liberia on the 26 of July 2017

  • to celebrate to independence.

(Mark Angel Comedy Episode 113)


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彼女はいた (マーク・エンジェルコメディ)(第113話 (SHE WAS THERE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 113))

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