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  • We were waiting for the bus to Ealing Broadway.

  • I spotted you right away.

  • Ankle swingers, wooly scarf, headphones, book bag, bracelets, big eyes. and little nose.

  • So Independent. So original. So unknown.

  • Feet up at the front of the bus.

  • I catch your eyes in the reflection of the glass,

  • but were they aimed at me?

  • Why do I do this?

  • I know I'll never see you again, so what's the fear?

  • Why can't I just ask your name?

  • Why is that so weird?

  • Why can't I just this once embrace the doubt and break the curse and take the risk.

  • I might just make my life better with no risk of making it worse.

  • Why do I do this? To be lost and not found.

  • I write about people, just to keep them around.

  • I should title this poem after you too.

  • And hope that it leads to seeing you again.

  • But this piece is untitled, because I never asked your name.

We were waiting for the bus to Ealing Broadway.


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