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  • This is where we live.

  • All 7.5 Billion of us.

  • But most of the people that live here, you will never get to meet.

  • Even if you wanted to, you couldn't.

  • That is because we humans have an average life span of 28,000 days.

  • To get to know everyone, you would have to meet 270,000 new people,

  • every single day, of your entire life.

  • I guess what I am trying to say, is that although you will never meet all the different people

  • that inhabit this planet; they are here, just like you,

  • divided by lines that we humans drew.

  • They have the same amount of time here as you do,

  • They have the same heart pumping blood as you do,

  • And they have the same rights to live their one life, as you do.

  • Although, many people will have you believe differently.

  • This last year, has been a year of divisions, Where the fate of our lives were bound by

  • decisions.

  • Putting people into boxes with only one you can choose,

  • Where no matter who wins, someone will lose.

  • Weve been split down the middle, too close to call,

  • we need to come together, weve no need to build a wall.

  • We get told things are terrible, that things should be great,

  • But things would be better if we stopped breeding hate.

  • We are equals, we are all made the same, Nobody comes second to power or fame.

  • We need to be governed, so we have to play along,

  • But those who think theyre always right, Well that is where theyre wrong.

  • If you need to change the lives of happy people, for you to be happy,

  • then maybe it’s your life that needs to change.

  • Because good people are not the minority; and hope is more powerful than fear.

  • I believe that everyone wants to be happy.

  • That we are all optimistic, compassionate, and loving by nature.

  • It’s what makes us human.

  • To be able to make rational choices.

  • To be able to be confronted with something that we don’t like,

  • and have the ability to choose whether to be fearful, or hopeful.

  • Every person is 1 of 7.5 Billion who happen to be alive right now.

  • Every stranger is 1 of 270,000; you will never know each day.

  • And every day is 1 of 28,000 you will never see again.

  • So no matter how terrible 2016 was, or how scary 2017 might seem,

  • open your mind, accept other people, and know that the only different people on

  • this planet will be those in 100 years time, when this world will be home to entirely different

  • people.

  • Life goes on.

  • Don't waste it being angry.

  • Let’s make the most of the miracle, that is being here, right now, together.

This is where we live.


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人生は続く (Life Goes On)

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