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  • It's one year since Theresa May became prime minister.

  • In her very first speech, she made clear that she wants to be about more than just Brexit.

  • She wanted concrete domestic achievements, like those of her predecessors.

  • Tony Blair in his first year introduced the minimum wage

  • and gave independence to the Bank of England.

  • Gordon Brown nationalized Northern Rock, and David Cameron laid the basis for free schools.

  • These are the kind of things you could put in their biography.

  • What about Mrs. May?

  • What has she achieved in her first year?

  • [Flagship Policies]

  • Well, she's announced the third runway at Heathrow,

  • although David Cameron probably would have done that.

  • She's continued with High-Speed Rail 2,

  • with new Trident submarines, and with a higher minimum wage,

  • although David Cameron probably would've done those things as well.

  • Her defining policy was meant to be an end to the ban on new grammar schools,

  • but that was actually binned after the disappointing June election.

  • So, Mrs. May has announced an extra 2 billion pounds a year of spending on research and development.

  • That's a 20% increase by 2020.

  • And, more controversially, she's funneled 1 billion pounds to one of the poorest parts of the UK,

  • Northern Ireland, as part of her deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

  • Is that it?

  • [Other Plans]

  • Well, not quite.

  • She's done a few other things.

  • She has suggested that Channel 4, the broadcaster, will move to Bermingham

  • as part of an effort to decentralize the UK economy away from London.

  • And she said that toxic microbeads, found in toiletries, will be banned from later this year.

  • But those are hardly defining moves.

  • So what about Brexit?

  • [Brexit talks]

  • Mrs. May triggered article 50 in March.

  • That really is a defining move that another conservative prime minister

  • might not have done so quickly.

  • Vote Leave has suggested Britain should wait before triggering the two-year countdown.

  • Mrs. May has also said that the Britain will leave the European Customs Union and Single Market.

  • If those things happen, they will be her legacy.

  • But she wanted to be about so much more than Brexit,

  • and her first year hasn't give her much of a platform.

It's one year since Theresa May became prime minister.


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