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  • You know, I heard about bulletproof coffee a few years back on a podcast, but the speakers

  • quickly said it was pointless and won’t help you with losing weight.

  • My thought was, “Sounds like just another fad thatll disappear soon!”

  • Buuuut, looks like I was wrong.

  • Today, it seems like bullet proof coffee is popping up everywhere and even some of your

  • favorite celebrities drink it.

  • “…not Ed Sheeran

  • F**K” So, was the podcast wrong?

  • Can Bulletproof coffee actually help you burn fat and lose weight?

  • First, what is bulletproof coffee?

  • The name is actually a trademarked under Dave Asprey, a marketer, self-titledbiohacker,”

  • and owner of Bulletproof Executive.

  • With Bulletproof Coffee, along with his Bulletproof Diet, he promises to helpupgradeyour

  • life if you follow his plans and use his products.

  • He’s kind of caught some heat recently about theefficacy of his products, but the bulletproof

  • coffee concept is still perceived positively by many.

  • So, let’s look at the ingredients: 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee

  • 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted, grass-fed, butter And 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil, a more concentrated

  • version of coconut oil.

  • Blend these three ingredients together and, BAM, you have bulletproof coffee.

  • Dave Asprey says that you need HIS special blend of MCT oil and magical toxin-free coffee

  • beans to make it work, but no research has ever proven that to be true.

  • Now let’s dissect the reasoning for these ingredients.

  • Unsalted, grass-fed butter is added because it contains higher levels of conjugated linoleic

  • acid, aka CLA, which has been touted for being a fat-burning fatty acid.

  • The studies, unfortunately, saw little to no effect in weight or fat loss with CLA.

  • And the study with the greatest effect only saw subjects lose on average 2.5 pounds in

  • a span of… 4 months.

  • MCT oil, on the other hand, is a bit trickier.

  • MCT actually stands for medium-chain triglycerides.

  • And because of its medium size, it can be quickly metabolized in the liver to provide

  • energy and circulate ketone bodies, perfect for those needing an extra energy boost or

  • seeking Ketosis.

  • When it comes to studies, there is a trend for increased weight and fat loss with MCT

  • oil.

  • However, the only studies that saw results were done with overweight to obese subjects.

  • Average-sized populations failed to achieve any significant change.

  • Even with the current evidence, there are plenty of people that claim bulletproof coffee

  • indeed works, but not the way the initial research observed.

  • The magic is actually all about making you feel full.

  • If we look at satiety studies, there is definitely more supporting evidence for MCT oil and butter.

  • In fact, that’s really the case for any fats, especially when you compare it to sugar,

  • which does little in terms of fullness.

  • By adding globs of butter and MCT oil to your morning coffee, you can hold off eating lunch

  • well into the late afternoon.

  • But, there is a catch

  • With the recommended 2 tablespoons of butter and MCT oil, youre looking aaat

  • 435 calories for a single cup of coffee!

  • That’s not only a lot of calories, but it’s also a lot of calories with little to no nutrients

  • other than fat.

  • Even though a traditional small breakfast might not keep you full as long, it does offer

  • a greater variety of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

  • But if you ask me, I would personally suggest that, for those wanting to lose weight but

  • tend to scoff down too much food in the morning, have an early lunch, or trying to stay in

  • ketosis, then you should consider bulletproof coffee.

  • You just have to plan the rest of your diet accordingly.

  • If you don’t think youll benefit from the added satiety, then skip it altogether.

  • Youre better with a more nutritious meal.

  • And, it’s probably time to change the name of it, too, as we now know, this coffee is

  • anything but bulletproof.

  • Maybe paleo coffee, or butter coffee, or MCTCLA coffee, or cocospresso?

  • Anyway!

  • Share your thoughts on cocospresso in the comments below.

  • Like it?

  • Hate it?

  • Let me know!

  • Thanks for watching and butter up that like button and don’t forget to cococlick subscribe!

  • HahOkay, I’m done.

You know, I heard about bulletproof coffee a few years back on a podcast, but the speakers


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