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  • Okay, this video is gonna be all about summer. Ready?

  • I don't like to push my friends in the pool, I like to throw them.

  • -You ready, Josh? -No, not yet!

  • It's summer time baby!

  • What's up? So, It's summer time for most of you around the world.

  • If it's not summer time for your school you might wanna look into that.

  • Most of everyone is outta school and I thought I would kick off this summer with a fun compilation of some of my old summer videos.

  • "You're showing us all your old videos. That's so lame!"

  • In the last couple of weeks, this channel got a lot of new followers so,

  • a lot of you have not actually seen some of my old videos so,

  • comment below if your schools' are already out for the summer.

  • And if you're not, I'm so sorry, this is probably how you feel...

  • Answers all of your questions about documentation and research...

  • I don't know how many of you have summer jobs, but I made this video because when I'm at work sometimes I feel like...

  • "Dang it, I want it to be 5 o'clock already!"

  • Oh! it's 5 o'clock! Sweet!

  • If you wanna always win a water balloon fight, use perspective.

  • Water balloon fight.

  • Because I'm working on some new summer videos right now I'd love to know what are some of your summer pet peeves?

  • One of mine is, my weakness, too, which is Slurpee.

  • I love going to 7-11 getting a good Slurpee, but I always, always get a brain freeze.

  • Ah, brain freeze!

  • Speaking of ice, this is a really old video.

  • The ice bucket challenge. You ready?

  • Just a quick PSA (Public Service Annoucement), no running at the pool.

  • Lifeguarding. No running at the pool.

  • It's such an important message that I made this video again.


  • Lifeguarding.

  • I don't know if it's just an American product, it's probably around the world, but we have this things called slip and slides,

  • where they shoot water on them to get them wet and then you slide down this long - they're usually like, yellow slides.

  • -Here we go! -Nice!

  • A lot of people do sport camps during the summer,

  • they'll do soccer...

  • If you kick a soccer ball just right,

  • you get a puppy!

  • Or they'll do basketball...

  • This is what I call a bicycle trick shot.

  • Yes, here we go!

  • One of the summer camps that I went to when I was growing up in Oregon,

  • this is a true story, there was a 5-day camp, you would sleepover and then,

  • on the last day you would do, like a "horse-day".

  • And I remember it was junior high, my first time ever riding a horse.

  • I got on this horse and then I knew I had the worst horse outta everyone,

  • cause I was like the last kid to be put on a horse.

  • And so it was like, the horse that no one really liked, and within 5 minutes we were on this little trail through the woods,

  • I got bucked off.

  • The problem is, my horse went running and scared off some of the other campers' horses, so...

  • me and like a few friends would never ride horses since that day.

  • For those of you that are in America and you'll be celebrating the 4th of July in just a couple of days,

  • do not, do not light a firework. No matter how small it is... inside your house.

  • But it's a baby firework.

  • Thanks for hanging out guys, I'll see you in just a few days with a new video.

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  • And click here if you wanna see my latest video.

  • Here's another old, fun video.

  • I've gotta go!

Okay, this video is gonna be all about summer. Ready?


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