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  • Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.” – Elizabeth Taylor

  • An adorable ball of fur, the Maltese has a lot going for him. Amaze your friends with

  • these interesting facts about the popular royal dog breed. Welcome to Animal Facts,

  • I'm Leroy and today we are discussing the much loved pup, the marvelous Maltese.

  • 10. The  Maltese dog is the oldest of the toy breeds and has been around for more than 28 centuries.

  • They originated on the Island of Malta and when the little dogs were brought back to

  • England by the early crusaders, they became the little darlings of Britain's royal women.

  •  The Maltese made its first American appearance at a Westminster Kennel Club show in 1877,

  • called a Maltese Lion Dog. It currently enjoys being one of the more popular toy breeds.

  • 9. A Maltese may be small, but he's not all fluff. These little dogs only weigh between

  • 4 and 7 pounds (1.8 to 3.2 kilograms), but their sprightly prance, keen attention to

  • their surroundings, affectionate personalities and devotion to their humans will make them

  • a huge part of their owners' lives.

  • 8. According to the American Kennel Club, Egyptian artifacts of Maltese (or Maltese-like)

  • dogs have been found, which means ancient Egyptians may have worshiped the breed. Greek

  • pottery dating from 5 A.D. shows  images of  small, long-haired dogs like the Maltese,

  • and according to the 18th century religious scholar Carolus Maria DuVeil, ancient Greek

  • writings by historians like Strabo mention small, pretty dogs known as "Catelli

  • 7. There's no doubt that part of the Maltese's allure is its beautiful white hair - not to

  • be confused with fur. Like human hair, the Maltese's white locks grow and occasionally

  • fall out -- they don't shed like most dogs. According to the AKC, no breed is guaranteed

  • to be hypoallergenic, but the Maltese won't bother some allergy sufferers. The dogs were

  • specially bred by Roman emperors to have that white coat we know today. The color white was

  • sacred to the Romans, who wanted their pets to exhibit an air of divinity

  • 6. Over the course of its existence, the breed has had a number of different monikersSome

  • include comforter dog, Maltese lion dog, Maltese terrier, Melitaie dog, Roman ladies'

  • dog, shock dog, and the Spaniel gentle.

  • 5. Maltese have profuse coats, meaning they need a lot of attention. To keep their fur

  • silky and white, they need to be brushed daily. Most non-show owners prefer to keep their

  • dogs in a puppy cut to avoid having to constantly groom them

  • 4. Though they be but little, they can jump. They also seem to have no fear of gravity

  • and have no problem leaping out of your arms or off high ledgesSo, let's try to

  • keep our fur babies off balconies.

  • 3. Maltese make great therapy dogs because theyre loving and small, which means they

  • can cuddle right up to whomever they're trying to helpWhile any size dog can be a therapy

  • pet, small dogs in particular are well-suited for the job because they can be lifted into

  • beds if a person is immobile. They also can be held more easily than larger dogs. When

  • it comes to therapy dogs, temperament is most important. They should be friendly, gentle

  • and have a calm demeanor. They also should like to be petted and handled.

  • 2. Some of the A-list celebs who have co-habited with a Maltese include ElvisMarilyn Monroe,

  • Jane Fonda, Ellen de Generes, Jessica Simpson, Elizabeth Taylor. A Maltese dog by the name

  • of Lucky was authenticated by Guinness Book of Records as having been photographed with

  • the most celebrities – a whopping 363. To date, this mini pooch has sat on the laps

  • of Kim Kardashian, Kristin Stewart, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Hugh Grant…. and

  • counting.

  • 1. Take Trouble, the Maltese worth $2 million. When real estate developer Leona Helmsley

  • died in 2007, she left $12 million to her pooch in her will. The government eventually

  • trimmed the inheritance down to a measly two million, Thanks Obama, but that didn’t stop

  • the dog from living it up until her death in 2011.

  • Well, there ya have it. A meager meshup of maltese memorabilia. What did we miss? Let

  • us all know in the comments below. As always, we welcome any suggestion on Animal related

  • topics, because we heart animals. If you do toom take a moment to like and subscribe.

  • And as always, catch ya next time.

Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.” – Elizabeth Taylor


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