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  • Hi everybody!

  • So we're on a bit of an excursion today,

  • gonna meet up with some friends,

  • and head to the ninth Vivid Show

  • which is an annual show in Sydney.

  • It's all about music, lighting and ideas

  • and it's actually the world's biggest of this type of event.

  • We're looking forward to seeing everything in the city today.

  • But you can actually go to other places, like Taronga Zoo

  • and other places like Chatswood

  • and around Sydney

  • that also showcase the best that Vivid has to offer.

  • So hope you enjoy the show

  • and if you're locally in Sydney, I hope you get some time to check it out

  • because it's a great event out,

  • not only for couples, friends but also family as well.

  • Vivid Sydney

  • is an annual event that is hosted for three weeks every year

  • at the end of Autumn and beginning of Winter.

  • Lights turn on after sunset

  • so we decided to have an early dinner

  • before heading out to explore the festival.

  • As it's Winter here in Sydney,

  • we decided to have a hearty meal

  • at this popular German restaurant in the city.

  • This meal

  • was so filling and satisfying.

  • It was the perfect way to start the night.

  • After dinner,

  • we headed over to Martin Place

  • to see what light installations were there.

  • From Martin Place,

  • we made our way to Circular Quay and The Rocks.

  • Every year,

  • it is in this area,

  • that the bulk of the light displays are installed.

  • If this is your first time visiting Vivid,

  • this is a good place to start

  • as there is a train station nearby.

  • The best time to visit Vivid

  • is during a weekday, when it is less busy.

  • As you can see,

  • we visited on a Saturday,

  • and there were so many people.

  • Every year

  • the installation at the Museum of Contemporary Arts

  • is my favourite,

  • and this year, it did not disappoint.

  • While exploring,

  • we came across this pop-up dessert area

  • in the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

  • Just in time!

  • as we felt like something sweet.

  • Some stores

  • try to stick to a Vivid theme.

  • There were glow-in-the-dark donuts,

  • as well as glow-in-the-dark fairyfloss.

  • I ended up getting one of these Belgian Waffle Pops

  • as they were so pretty.

  • To be honest,

  • it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

  • I kinda wished

  • I went for the coconut ice cream that my friends got.

  • We had such a fun night out.

  • But, of course,

  • one night wasn't enough to see all of Vivid.

  • So, hopefully, we'll get a chance

  • to go back before it ends.

  • Wandering

  • Winny

  • Thanks for watching guys.

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  • and don't forget to check out my blog.

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  • See you in the next video!

Hi everybody!


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