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  • so let's look at another table

  • this table shows the amount of income that American

  • students get and where it comes from. The first job is to identify the main

  • features and if we look first of all and the students' overall income we can see

  • that it has increased over the period. When we look at where the income comes

  • from we can see that bank loans and earnings have increased a lot whereas

  • grants have decreased significantly. Parents still make a sizable contribution to

  • students and this changes but not as much as the others.

  • Therefore our overview could look something like this: From 2010/11 to 2014/15 the income of

  • American students has increased. However the source of the income has changed.

  • More students take bank loans or earn money directly whereas there has been a

  • dramatic decrease in the amount of money students get from grants. Parents still make a

  • substantial contribution to their children's income. In this review we've talked

  • about the general picture and some of the major changes that happened over the period.

so let's look at another table


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IELTSライティング(アカデミック)タスク1 - 表の記述 (IELTS Writing (Academic) Task 1 - Describing a Table)

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