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  • The news of news: Roger Ailes, pioneer of the number one ranked news network, died this week at 77.

  • He had his share of scandals, considered by many to be large among his demographic, yet

  • small by the working standards of his industry.

  • He was held to a higher standard as did he hold his organization.

  • He oversaw the original Rush Limbaugh TV show before making Fox News into a household name.

  • In both success and failure, Roger Ailes proved that Conservative opinion hadn’t gone out

  • of style, that agenda-driven news reporting had, and that no establishment is too big to fail, including his own.

  • Those who worked with him have much more to say.

  • He will remain among history’s more remembered.

  • Now, the entire news industry has it’s eyes on Donald Trump.

  • The vultures and sharks are circling, thinking to get lucky for the first time.

  • In former FBI director Comey’s long list of problems, even after all the opposition

  • from the political Left, the news narrative is that Trump’s only important reason for

  • firing the FBI chief was Trump himself.

  • Good luck with that.

  • While the birds and fish swarm around abandoned driftwood, hoping to find something to feast

  • on, the Republicans on Capital Hill do what they always do: nothing.

  • Talk of impeachment, then markets tumble.

  • Lay off on the wordimpeachmentand the markets rebound.

  • So, it’s clear what the money wants and why the economy improved.

  • Notoriety for Trump from the markets is the most this vulture cluster will accomplish,

  • second-most being that the political class will have something to keep them distracted.

  • Third-most is the entertainment the Russians are getting out of this.

  • And, hiding somewhere in the back of the room, someone made money last week and someone else lost money last week.

  • But, the money made on market dip days isn’t newsworthy, right?

  • Speaking of Russian entertainment, Putin may respect Trump more for this wholeinvesti- gatejazz,

  • which could lead to peace in other regions, perhaps.

  • America is divided, but this isn’t news.

  • A political class was evicted.

  • Young, entitled, socialistHippieswere denied: They were told to work and give to

  • themselves rather than receive.

  • This Sunday, angry students, who lacked the maturity to accept election results

  • something Obama dissidents were able to do for eight yearswalked out on Pence’s speech at

  • their own graduation ceremony at Notre Dame.

  • Complaints continue and will continue.

  • The current cloud mounting against Donald Trump can’t be taken seriously because the rage behind it is old and waning.

  • The cat who walked by himself has returned, sits outside the the back door, and cries in the rain.

  • But, this is not a hotel.

  • Once youre gone, youre gone, no matter how much of a fuss you make of it.

  • That’s all this is.

  • From this storm of headlines, not one vote will swing against Trump.

  • If anything, his support will increase with everysurely this is the end this time

  • attack against him that fails.

  • This is a great danger to the remaining political establishment.

  • And, Trump isn’t in political danger, he’s out-smarting the bull once again.

  • Allowing Robert Mueller to return as special prosecutor is outrightRooseveltian”—

  • keep them distracted while continuing right on schedule.

  • Mueller won’t indite Trump anymore than Snowden couldn’t not defend Comey.

  • Flynn’s situation is becoming suspicious, but not from digging into his ties with Trump,

  • his problems beg questions of the Obama years.

  • Trump fired Flynn on principle: He gave a dodgy answer to Pence’s direct question.

  • Anything we discover bad about Flynn at this point applauds Trump’s firing principles and smears Obama.

  • But, that won’t stop the angry bull from thinking he’s gonnafinally kill the blanket this time!

  • What’s all the confusion about?

  • What’s the real story?

  • The real story is that Washington scrambles to discover the real story while Trump travels

  • overseas to coordinate with Israel, the Vatican, the Saudis, NATO, and G7.

  • There won’t be any coordinated scheme against the president while he is gone.

  • It seems crazy.

  • It is.

  • The line between brilliance and insanity is too fine for the media’s eye to see.

  • The smokescreen of chaos in the nationscapital, just in time for the president to

  • travel and create new headlines, is as masterful and understandable as abstract art.

  • It may be good, it may be evil, but it is neither unintended nor unskilled.

  • So, another bullfighter triumphed against another angry bull this week.

  • So what?

  • Look to the seas.

  • Venezuela has real trouble, so does North Korea.

  • China and Russia are on the move.

  • China’s execution of CIA spies during the Obama years is just now making headlines.

  • Europe faces a “Muslimreformation it invited.

  • All the while, the US military just got a $15B injection, thoroughly-opposed by pro-military

  • members of Congress, and is undergoing fat-trimming scrutiny so severe that the over-eaters are

  • whining as tax vultures have found a less crowded sky to circle above the Pentagon.

  • While Capital Hill’s buzzards circle an empty coffin, work continues.

  • And, whoever bought all that discount stock that sold off on Wednesday stood to make a

  • lot of money selling it back on the Thursday and Friday rebound, just as they will at the

  • next opportunity, and the one after thatespecially the dip days that are reported

  • as marketpanic”, rather than theopportunitiesthey often prove to be.

The news of news: Roger Ailes, pioneer of the number one ranked news network, died this week at 77.


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