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  • Make no mistake; when the Chinese advocateglobalism”, they don’t envision a world

  • with multiple governments nor do they envision a world government run by the West.

  • They don’t talk about their end game, nor does anyone else.

  • When China talks regional alliances, they envision choreographed unison along the path.

  • Regional alliances would be a great end game and it is unlikely that any nation would be

  • able to push past regional alliances any more than any nation could live without them.

  • Whether a nation’s goal is protectionism or a one-world government, regional alliances

  • between individual sovereign nations are the only future that awaits usat least before

  • Christ descends from a wormhole in the clouds.

  • China has roads and bridges to build.

  • Russia has a nation to rebuild.

  • Militaries have hackers to train and break in.

  • Anonymous hackers have kudos to earn, coup to count, and chests to thump.

  • And, nations have computers to defend, even island nations across China’s east coast.

  • Alliances are certainly in seasonand for good reason.

  • But, right now all those plans halt at an impasse over a bridge with a brittle keystone.

  • The Kim Dynasty can see it’s own defeat on the horizon; we all can.

  • Japan will rise to action.

  • The US will rally the world.

  • China will endorse.

  • Russia will sit quietly.

  • Then, China will seize its opportunity for the shift in the balance as Russia finds its

  • excuse forretaliation”.

  • Once Korea snaps, the first shot gets fired and no battle plan will survive.

  • And then, well see.

Make no mistake; when the Chinese advocateglobalism”, they don’t envision a world


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