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  • The news would have us think that China’s reverse-engineered copy of a Soviet-made diesel

  • aircraft carrier is nuclear-powered and in full commission.

  • It’s not.

  • It’s simply being towed from one construction site to another.

  • But, it is another milestone step in progress and the West needs to pay close attention.

  • With all the excitement over Korean nukes, China obtaining its own aircraft carriers

  • is a bigger step and a bigger threat to China’s neighbors.

  • Heads are turning in Japan and India.

  • Trump’s “bromancewith China’s President Xi isn’t without precedent.

  • The two are smart.

  • Trump is less-controlled by the big political class.

  • No matter how much Xi may want to resolve peace, any deal he makes with Trump must be

  • pleasing to the Communist Party of China.

  • Perhaps some success with Trump on the Kim dynasty in Korea will help Xi persuade the

  • old boys club in China.

  • But, that would be a first.

  • Old school Chinese don’t like to learn new tricks.

  • Eventually, Korea will make major steps toward becoming one nation.

  • Then, the US and China will change colors in the South Sea.

  • Both sides will have gotten what they wanted: a stable Korean Peninsula.

  • But, when the conflict in the West Pacific erupts, all bets will be off.

  • It won’t be America who betrays first, the Chinese will make their move after they have

  • their excuse.

  • The ongoing US relationship with Taiwan may be that excuse.

  • And, in the minds of the Chinese, the US will have been wrong.

  • Xi and Trump will become like old generals who know each other from battle field just

  • as well as from the tea time table.

  • No matter how much conflict they have, they will always be grateful for their cooperation

  • in Korea.

  • That’s what mature generals do.

  • And, that is the current leadership at both ends of the Pacific.

The news would have us think that China’s reverse-engineered copy of a Soviet-made diesel


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