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  • Of course Snowden objects to his persecutor being fired.

  • James Comey was likely dismissed for incompetencenot only in failing to prosecutecrooked Hillary

  • after publicly building the case against her at election time, not only because of his

  • see no evilattitude toward all Islamic factions, which arguably allowed the shooting

  • in San Bernardino, nor for ignoring Apple’s instructions on how to not lock the San Bernardino

  • terrorist’s iPhone, not only for talking about software security on national TV as

  • if he doesn’t know how to use a mouse, not only for dragging the FBI’s feet while investigating

  • the Orlando night club shooter for 10 months while he killed another 102 people, and not

  • only for working for the previous president under whoseIraqexitISIS became a household

  • name.

  • Trump is also growing tired of leaks to the mediasomething he won’t tolerate.

  • Counterintelligence and leak-finding are games of trial and permutation, much like Cluegames

  • which Comey is not exempted from.

  • If leaks to the media decrease since his firing, there will be no doubt about Trump’s motives.

  • But, then there is his career effectiveness.

  • Was Comey a kind offifth horsemanworking as a media spy in the FBI?

  • Comey, in all of his investigations in Russia, still failed to retrieve Snowden.

  • Yet, were it not for Comey and his valiant-yet-failing efforts, not as many people would read Snowden’s

  • Tweets.

  • Personally sympathetic or otherwise, Snowden can’t not oppose Comey’s firing.

  • But, it’s unclear what Russia thinks about Snowden’s support for the man investigating

  • them.

  • Remember, Snowden became famous as a 29 year old tech geek for having information that

  • dropped from the bumblings of Baby Boomers who ran the NSA, but apparently learned to

  • use a mouse late in life.

  • Snowden did not become famous for his political commentary.

  • On the other end of the Peanut Gallery, JulianEspionageAssange can’t not comment

  • on who is more effective at finding the truth about a government.

  • Perhaps Comey might have not locked the San Bernardino bomber’s iPhone if he had hired

  • Assange or Snowden.

  • Now, “EspionageAssange offersUnemployedComey a job whileWantedSnowden comes

  • toUnemployedComey’s defense.

  • It’s almost worth a comedy story.

  • Other opinionated young bloods have their conflicting opinionsmostly Bernie Sanders

  • supporters who didn’t foresee that he had no political chance.

  • They favored Obama having his way with any and every department.

  • They weren’t paying attention during their childhoods in the Bush years.

  • They weren’t alive to see the Clinton years.

  • But, now, all of a sudden, they are conscientious aboutabuse of power”.

  • This Hippieschange of heart is yet another example of how Trump is good for the country.

  • But, the Hippies still don’t get the picture.

  • Heads of departments in the Federal Government work at the pleasure of the president.

  • It is customary to dismiss old department heads when new presidents take office.

  • Comey lasted longer than he had any right to expect.

  • The same would be true if a Democrat had just taken the White House and an FBI director

  • who had served under a Republican were being firedwell, except for the Bush dynasty

  • who wouldn’t oppose a burglar holding a knife to their own family.

  • The kids complaining about Comey didn’t discover politics until they saw a viral video

  • of street musicians singing about Sanders.

  • Then, they acted like the vicious cycles of history are happening for the first time,

  • even though history isn’t cycling for the first timenot even in their lifetimes.

  • This time, when a new president fired an old department head, they happened to be finally

  • be paying attention.

  • Once today’s Hippies finish growing their chest hair and the now junior high schoolers

  • take up theHippie torchwhen Trump leaves office, the sameconcernswill

  • recapitulate like a recurring theme in a bad movie score.

  • The real question is about the gray heads running the news industry: This isn’t the

  • first time a new president fired and old department head.

  • This isn’t the first time political classroom goof-offs acted likenormalwas a surprise.

  • Nothing new or newsworthy happened this week.

  • Headlines should have read, “New President fires Old FBI Chief: Proof the World Still

  • Spins”.

  • The news industry failed to report what really happened this week: History simply repeated.

  • That’s why news is a dying industry.

  • But, why feed the Hippies?

  • Why is the news industry quickening its own death on the altar of demagoguery?

  • The best explanation so far is that the news industry is like the Pied Piperhoping to

  • rally an unwitting populist army of children into a war that they would know they would

  • lose if they were 20 years older.

  • But, the best kept secret about Bernie Sanders, Clinton, Obama, the dying news establishment,

  • and the rest of the political Left is that their goal isn’t to win.

  • Their goal is to lose while making as big of a mess as possible.

  • Once the kids figure that out, it will all backfire and the Left won’t have even one

  • leg to stand on.

Of course Snowden objects to his persecutor being fired.


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