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  • It’s over.

  • North Korea has been defrocked form among Communist nations.

  • Russia and China aren’t trying to send any kind of message to the US by sending intel-gathering

  • vessels to monitor the Vinson.

  • Spectating usually indicates some kind of support.

  • TheRuskiesandChi-Coms”, as some affectionately call them, kicking back with

  • coke and popcorn in hand isn’t exactly opposition.

  • They are trying to send a message to Communists worldwide, including their own people: Act

  • unruly and youll end up like North Korea.

  • The US can’t do an operation in their back yards without the neighbors keeping a close

  • watchand Northern Korea is in both Russian and Chinese back yards.

  • If the Chinese and Russians wanted to send a message to Washington, they’d send attack

  • vessels like Putin sent late to Syriaat least, he pretended to send a message.

  • Countries must appear strong.

  • There is a lot of chest puffing and thumping, even with the soon-to-be-deposed occupation

  • of Northern Korea.

  • The Russians and Chinese will be glad to have the dictator child off of their table of concerns.

  • And, in the process, they want their own people to know whose still boss.

  • So, it’s over.

  • Soon, well find out just how many Northern Koreans cried for the death of their late

  • Dear Leaderbecause they missed him or because they feared what the child dictator

  • would do them if they didn’t.

  • Korea is about to become one country, finally.

  • Kim Jong-Un decided that over the weekend when he threw the temper tantrum that broke

  • every camel’s back in the caravan.

  • Now, the caravan is coming for him.

It’s over.


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